Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fill In The Caps

There once was a boy named _________ he Liked _________, everyday he would secretly go to the _________ to see if ________ was there. His friend also liked __________ and he knew ________ liked her/him/it/wtv, so he decided that he had to get rid of thier bond so he picked up his _________ and began to ________, on his way to _________ he saw a very _________ _________ , he picked up this _________ ______and coincidentally his friend came along and saw him picking up the __________.he said "______ _______ _____ ______", in jealously of his bond with _________ he __________ the __________ towards __________. _________ was dead... and as his spirit rose up towards heaven _________ got really _________ and began to __________ for his (Victory/Defeat/Draw). Before his friend acended to heaven he _________ his friend and he transfromed into a _________! The End.

Comment on this post, copy and paste it and fill in the blanks. This sunday i'll repost the funniest story.

David~ Bored

Monday, March 30, 2009


HAHAHAH soo funny today. at the bank as i was about to leave, i saw the annoying bitchy teacher person from chinese school!! hahhaha she was full on raging at the security guard cos he wouldnt let her in cos the bank was closing!! ROFLROFL. soo awkward for me tho, cos i was waiting at the door and she was just glaring at me cos it was so funnnny =p.
LMAO =D serves her right for tellin us off..=]

anyways. today was school!! last week =D yayyy. some sad news...mr stuwart passed away over the weekends =[ farewelll...
and some other news. teacher was fired cos of unacceptable behaviour!! tuttut.

had all classess today. last period had english. O OH =O the teacher is double marking the esssayss which means that shes getting another teacher to mark it too =O. bad news for me cos ____________________ =S. hopefully all goes well ^^"

after school went bh.


Blue Blog

My Favourite colour. :p Pink was getting old so i changed it. Soz if you guys have me for it; haha!Pink was starting to hurt my eyes o.o

Spent half an hour trying to remove that advertisment for crusors on the left hand side and now.. its gone!!

Had analysis task today.. i did horrible ==" going to ask teacher for a retest, well this is the last week of school!! woot well i hope you guys have fun.

I'm tired so now im going ack to my chemistry work...bye bye =]


Sunday, March 29, 2009

U Guyz~!

i would just like to type a word that describes you guys
So the first letter of your name i will try do give you a word ;p
David Wong: Dumbdom
Joshua Tan- Just, knows whats right and does wrong XD jks jks
Brendan Luu- Bold..Haha get it bold XD
Keean Tan- Knowing. (thanks for helping me for AGM)
Jason Wang- Joyful, very joyful
Norman Lee- Noble, well to me he seems noble
Ian Siow- Imaginative, dancing wise.
Harold Nguyen- Happy, Mr happy shirt XD
Vanessa Loh- Vigilant (meaning: ever awake and alert; sleeplessly watchful)
Steph Loh- Sincere, well so far ;p
Daniel Lee- Dam good XD real good
Kim Ooi- Kind, she always glad to talk with someone
Lin Li (Michelle)- Lively (Midget), very .
Darren Lee- Deliberatly Dumb, your smart though u just choose to be dumb.
Shaun Goh- Spontaneous
Francesca Teh- Friendly and fresh
Tony Leung- Truthful, never lied infront of me.
Jon Lee- Jolly, always have a smaile =]
Rawr! Im running out of "J's
Jacilyn Lee- Jumpy =]
Ann Lee Chin- Amusing, fun to talk with.

Argh My brain is Dead "J"s are all gone

Jan Lee Chin- Joyfully joyous. ( Smile Alot, thats a good thing)
Ken Huang- Knowledgeable
Kelvin Lin- Koopa Toopa
Hamus Lam- Humorous
May Lai- Motivatated
Chris Ong- Cool

What?! Another "J"!?

Julian To- Jalala (Not a dictionary word, i made the word up, it means human dictionary)
Luke Tsui- Lenient ( Means: Extremely nice when marking tests, ie. iving out generous marks. or nice) Ty k2a :)
Timothy Wong- Tranquil (means: free from or unaffected by disturbing emotions; unagitated; serene)

Phew i put alot more effort than you think :p, well im glad most of you dont start with the letter "J" I would have died.

[Ð] ã ѵ ï d .

Saturday, March 28, 2009

28.03.09 =.="

hmm...so today got woken up by a phone call T_T. couldnt go bak to sleep after....went to bh and walked about for a bit. then met up with damon =D. walked around with him and shannen looking for a mouse and stf =] good to meet up... then headed to chink schoool. was fun like always ^^"

had a listening (LISTENING *i can spell =D) SAC. quite hard >.< but i reckon i did ok =D. after went bh.

had work after. not busy. boring.
not in the mood =.=








Friday, March 27, 2009

Crazy day

okay today i slept at about 3 oclock in the morning and woke up a 7. because i drank this magical liquid called coffee i instantly woke up. I went to school and was surprised by the teacher giving me my test. after doing the test i forgot everything i leant last night. I think i did okay, im sure i didnt fail though.

After recess was finished i went straight to class, and the effects of my super star was losing its effects and i began to get drowsy. i was half asleep in english class. i was drawing what ever was in my mind. I then went to my form room to get my reports with jsh. guess what?! the form teacher didnt bring the reports so she left and told us to wait. we waited and she came back with the wrong form reports. we followed her to the staff room.

We waited for a further 10 minutes and she came out with a cup of coffee and a cookie, saying another student took it. Why would a student take our reports!? and why did she make her lunch before telling us!? Grr.

Well today something intresting happened today, i was teaching this kid how to dance and i never taught him before..he gave me $10!! woah woah woah, whats up with this kid? ofcourse i gave it back, ah yo what a mess, never gonna teach that kid again, then my brother goes up to him and he gives him $10 and he walks off to the canteen =="

After school i went to nando's and as jsh and brendan and will and franciss and jacky we ordered a bowl of large chips and shared. iw as mostly playing on brendans Ds..You know it wasn't as fun as u think it is. I was pretty boring,i was playing dragon ball. o.o

me and brendan went to box hill after remeeting with jsh, after his trip to the library, he brought Jan with him. we went to the booth and we waited and waited.. aw come on jsh lets go to the a restaurant IM HUNGRY!! you see i owe jsh so i treated him out he had to choose the restuarant. therefore i pay back my debt. we at ate the best food, darren came, he talked and we walked to church office and we went to youth alive (regional) and now i am back home.

im tired so i think im going to rest my brain wiht no work whatso eva!

Quote of the day!
Brendan: I just did a math test =="
David: Oh, ur smart brendan ur the best at maths, ur gonna be an accountatn remember?
Brendan: I cheated wrong today =="
David: Eh.. u better work on your english.

[Ð] ã ѵ ï d .

Epic Journey

Well... after venturing in the daunting fields of complex planes... I... k2a.. have finally finished 1 exercise in a space of 90 minutes. I have finally won against chapter 4F, the most horrendous task to ever be placed before me. I have 4G and 4H ahead... De Moires Theorem and Complex Identities... Gracious me.. a mountain to climb... But NO! Just as it seems all hope is lost, Re-inforcements arrives... the prince of maths... Calculator Ti-89 comes to my rescue! Slogging at polynomials of 4th degree and factorising equations into imaginary numbers... oh the joy, oh the relief, oh the bewilderment...

But as all hope was born again.. underneath our very legs, all hell broke loose... The Mathematical Methods brigade breaks free from the chains of a Tabernacle, sparking havoc around us. Its here, Glorious Exercises from Chapter 5 of logarithm come streaming through, obliterating everything in its path. There is not only algebratic equations to solve, graphing is a new invention, penetrating the earth at our very feet. With this, further assistance arrives for the maths force, with Chapter 6 arriving with more equations about Circular Functions. With weaponary ranging from Different Quadrants of Positives and negatives and finding exact values of certain radians, the Generals Sin, Cos and Tan lead their division towards us...

Is all hope lost? Will k2a finish all his maths homework before the end of the weekend? Who knows? Get ready for the next installment! Sunday! Stay Tuned for more!

Yes... I am unbelievably piled up with maths at the moment... I am unable to go youth alive because of this. Not only do i have this, i ahve to finish all my General Conversation for chinese AND read the entire novel 1984. How fun... Welcome to my weekend folks...



Back to maths now :(


P.S: Where are you nummy nummy?

Thursday, March 26, 2009


havent blogged in agess....gahh..i got a english outcome and a math test tmr T_T worse than david who only has 1 test tomolo =.=" im soo gg'd lor

prolly gonna spend the rest of the night memorising my english essay for tomolo, and spend tmr's double IT revising mathh kekek =D.

dS is soo fun!! ^^" yet soo addicting too. cannot concentrate on studies with dS there..

haha oh yehh...cos yesterday i finshed early, went bh with frances and will. kekek went to target to visit will and frances's good friend =D also saw ms grant with her friend haha. she was like tolking so loud across the store to us that the worker there sorta just stared at us and was like >.> errr..hahah

today school was boringg. finished early and went bh =] got to use my GOLDEN METIME CARD =D soo proo hehehe.

bye, taakk care all =D

I am tired with work...

hi..my brain is half dead so if i type something that doesnt make sense try to understand me. thanx

today i didn't go to school. why, well its a secret i cant tell. i told franciss only because my brain was dead. I could even write sui bian in chinese... I wanted to play franciss's Ds today but i forgot how to ask o.o"

well after not going to school i went to box hill central and at this bento box, with milk tea.. I walked to the library to finish my remainding hw... Then i came home and now i am revising for AGM test tomorrow...Im DOOMED i only understand 60% if circular funtions 2. Okay if anyone who can solve this before tomorrow they will recieve a prize...

The equation is
A fun ride for children follows the curve with equation
y=√2 sin(π/12 x)+√2 cos(π/12 x)+2,0≤x≤24
where y is the height from the ground is metres and x is the horizontal distance travelled.
1.express √2 sin(π/12 x)+√2 cos(π/12 x)+2 in the form rcos(π/12 x-α)
2.whats the maximum
3.solve x when of the ride is height is 3 metres


Anyways back to blogging...

Keean is gone to accounting tuition so he cant help, Brendan forgot everything so he's useless and jsh isn't even up to my part so he's no help...

Anyways scince brendan has a Ds, theres only 1 meaning to it. he wants to boost my VCE scores up!!! =] Why cause he's going to spend mroe time gaming then studying therefore he'll do worse. but dw brendan i still believe u'll get 98+ keean looks like someone who can get 99+ easy and jsh looks like...95+? dont ask me i'm probably near the 3 so yeh hoboz FTW...

I'm tired and bored i want to sleep but i have the test first thing tomorrow, so wish me luck and hope that i dont fail..

Goodnite all and for those reading in the morning, good morning...

[Ð] ã ѵ ï d .

Monday, March 23, 2009

23.03.09 ^^

these few days have been rly rly goood and awesome!!

on sat was chinese school where i got my SAC back and got 19/20.

sunday involved going to work and getting my "CREW MEMBER OF THE QUARTER" =DD i got $50 and a 50% discount card for ALL maccas kekekke...SOSOSOSO happi when manager presented it to me that i was going crazy in the freezer cos there were customers and co-workers around for me to go crazy in the kitchen XDXD.

then today. got accounting SAC back!!! kakakakka 49/50!! ownagee. though that 1 mark was such a careless mistake >.< I COPIED THE VALUES WRONG!! if it was something like a theory questions that i didnt understand, or some or error i wouldn't have been so annoyed, but a COPYING VALUE ERROR!!! gahhh hahhahah. oh wellls. im happy with it ^^V.

today also got my ttds for my dS!! wooot. i got games on it!! POKEMON =DD.

now should continue workin hard!!


Brendan Harry potter is so old.. i finished reading it ages ago ==' as if your still reading it. Anyways about old school i remember back in the old days when brendans hair was still hazelnut brown and keean was crazy about whateva he was crazy about and 4 square was the bomb. i missed those good old days ==" now all i seem to do is work..work...work...more work... then blog...play a bit of tetris...blog some more...then work.

If i could have a special ability it would be controlling time. i screwed up in a test i would rewind and do it again or look in my text book when i stop time. if i hurt someones feelings i could rewind and make them feel better. and i can read peoples minds o.o whooo and what is going to happen next haha. that would be great!!

Well it would be great if all my friends had special abilitites. it would be awsome!!! Well i Good job to brendan for getting 98% for his accounting SAC and to josh for getting 98% for his AGM test and Gratz to me for finish all work except for chemistry which is due reeeaalllyy soon. yeh real soon so i better get working.

[Ð] ã ѵ ï d .


kekekeke...soo happy cos something very gooooood happened at work =DDDDDDDDDD which i will mention tomolo cos.. =]

anyways. today woke up at 1!! ^^" sleeeeep. then started dl'in some games for my dsdsdsdsds!!~ hw'ed a bit and then went to work where i got my suprise!!! =D yayyyyy tooo pro lorrr =]]. work was alrite. customers came regularly so it kept my occupied =] also worked with some pretty kool ppl ah =D.

after work, did some math and msn'ed.

now imust return to mathing'!! nearly done and then time to read HARRY POTTER!! the last book!! its soo good. like ive read about 12 chapters in just 4/5 days!! usually i would read at a pace of 1 chapter a week =]

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy 4 u guyz =]

Hey, Tired...bored...nothing to do but hw hw hw...

Well even though everyone is better than me in essay writting, im glad, im really happy for you guys and i hope you all get better than me in chinese cause if you do, i bet you'll all get 50 for chinese seriously.

And also im tired, last minute hw and i cbs doing it. last bit of agm i cant seem to finish. hmmm keean's explaination helped a bit..like 2 questions lol. well keean you can really start bagging me hardcore once u beat me in the oral SAC. Have fun XD~!

Triple P, Positive People Pwns, Triple N, Negative Naughty Noobs XD~!

[Ð] ã ѵ ï d .



Oh man.. i was like waiting for that day... i was like... I gonna bag David so hard if i like beat him in a SAC... which i did! AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!!! ROFL!!! woooooo!

I msut seem like a the biggest asshole.. but the amount of bagging I get for my Chiense skills is like infinite. Thus, me bagging someone bout how their Chinese is worst then mine is just fantastic!

Anyway... Also i would like to re-iterate the point of how FOB Brendan is. In Chinese school, Brendan asked the most rofl question.

Brendan: Hey guys, does listening have an 'r' in it?
Joshua/Me: Err... no? I mean.. yeh! Of course it does
Brendan: Oh, okay...
Joshua: Hey Brendan, just wondering where does the 'r' go?
Brendan: Hmm... Between the 't' and 'i'
Me: Are you serious Brendan?
Brendan: Omgsh, I thought it was spelt listrening, causing like we pronounce it as listring


Man Brendom, you never fail to amuse me... just simplistic Brendom... Now we also ahve a joke goign on about how hes gonna get 20 in English and i get 20 in Chinese >.> Sadness... that means David will get 10 XD

Hmm... lets really begin this post... What did i do this weekend...

Well Friday i finally gave Vanessa her long overdue... 4 months belated birthday present. That took ages... Saturday.. Chiense school WHERE I PWNT DAVID IN HIS SAC!!! w00t!!! OMGSH OWNED!!! and then we had Danica's party which was fun! Cause i at prata and i love prata *drool... Sudnay church and then just maths... gosh

And then... i had tuition Egnlish SAC of a triple text analysis!! COME ON!!!

and then now I'm here about to do more maths! How fun

Double maths is jsut soooooo much fun!


Chen Ze Qiang bi Da Wei de han yu duo hao

Saturday, March 21, 2009


wooot 19/20 for my chink SAC!! ^^" good work to others too lor =]

anyways. today had chinese school which was fun =DD. went bh after and then had work. work was very draining cos very unbusy. luckily worked with friend ah =p.

tmr got work again zZzZ.

countdown to ds playing - about 35 hours XD. i feel like coffeeee =]



Woke up at 11:00. Yes I got the best sleep out of all the weeks. staying up at 1:00 avg has finally got me. you may ask staying up 1 oclock doing what?! I was studying of course ==" and with all that studying i didn't even study my english outcome.
Btw either walkng around at bh or just in the library doing nothing after school up until dinner.

Today, i felt 100%,we all got our SAC's back. i got 16/20, keean got 17/20, josh also got 17/20, brendan got 19/20!! Gratz!! Regardless we all got "A" and Brendan got an "A+". I'm very happy for all of us, cuz we all got A'z cause a is for Azn's.
Well after chinese school brendan walk off by himself after over 8 requests for taking him to box hill under very hot weather. Josh left and me and keean were left alone. after 5 minutes into waiting my mum finally came and she took keean and me home. Thats it...

I am very tempted to take brendans Ds. Coz its black, and black Ds's are smexifullnessless. pronounced as Ssssmmmm-eeeeeeeecccccckkkssss-eeeeee-ffaaawwwlll-neeeeeesssss-llleeesss. So when he brings it to school, brendan :you better watch out, you better look out, you better watch out cause im telling you why, i'm gonna steal you Ds tonight... Soz im just on a high. Because i just had my VERY FIRST ICECREAM CAKE. Yum.. we should buy one. Yeah im gonna host a friends out onli and were gonna eat iceream cake.. hehe and bubble tea and everything thats nice with rice. =]

3 "P"s Positive people Pwns =]

[Ð] ã ѵ ï d .


I beat you David Wong :) Ty

wo de han yu bi ni duo hao

xie xie

chen ze qiang


tireed soo short blog for todaii.

had school which was very pointless. wen to school at 10.30 cos english teacher wasnt here so no class!! ^^" double IT was very pointless. since IT teacher was away as well, the sub teacher let us play games. mr. STUART is soo kool =] i thought he was rly strict, but he rly likes to joke around ROFL he even made fun of ms labib XD. then had math.

after school went bh with frances and will. looked in the 'asian shop' for a ds. we thought it was $188, but it ended up being that we could only buy the ds for $188 if we bought the R4 too =.=" got screen protectors and stf from bh =DD. then went nundawadin jb hi-fi. =] bought our ds's there!!!! mines black =DD yayy...soo sexy ds. way sexier than frances's =D oh yeh, on the way to jb hi-fi, this yr 7 or 8 came up to me and said "hi micheal" =.=" i look nothin like him lols. kakakka trip to get ds soo fun and entertaining...at one point just laughin about about someone from target =DD. stopid jb hi-fi lady too. lied to me >.> said there was only pink, blue and white in the ds colours. but ended up there was black!! =.="

trained bak to bh after and went home. had fungus after which was rly rly fun kekekke. now finishing off my chinese hw. cant wait till monday when i get my ds chip card thingy so i can play games!! =P.

p.s. f'ces wants to 'bangkok' =] she admitted in public
p.s.s. will's mean to _____ =.=" should stop lor.
p.s.s.s. i'll get u some maccas coupons in return for ur kfc coupons =] i'll give u 10 coupons for 1 coupon XD.
p.s.s.s.s. lol, todays blog ended up longer than i had planned.


My Comic

I was tired today. half the things i didn't know what i was doing. and my heart is broken to peices and physically in pain. Oie, im not emo just depressed for friday. Maybe this ilusstration would help u guys see my feelings, oh and some of it is funny, i reckon =]

Thursday, March 19, 2009



Funny thing, everyone's alot more busy then me. Brendans got work..AFK==" Keeans doing maths==" Josh's got his busy schedule (whatever it is) And I'm left alone doing nothing rite after finishing homework..unless its chemistry.. Im too bored to do it=="

I officially dislike this type math im doing for maths. I don't get 1/2 the things the teacher says anymore, and even though my answers are correct. I seem to be just guessing, someone asks me "oh your smart, how do i do this?' and i just say "this becomes this number" and they say "how?" and im like "i dunno it just is" =="

Hehe. 35/35 for my analysis task,(which is 100% for those who cant read fractions) on my analysis task. don't what i got for chem ==" I got the lowest out of my friends. Josh?! Since when did you get so good in scinece? I was the bomb and now his test results is nearly double mine =="

Chemistry due next week, i cant be bothered doing it. at this rate im not going to finish this. I don't wanna do it. If i blur out chemistry i got nothing to worry about except for my english outcome. English yay! Not ==" My worst subject, last year i got a "B" which was a 75% i think? and a "C" the year before and a "D" the year before that.

Well wish me for this outcome.. I'm not studying for it though...Haha, gg :P

Btw brendan this might be a bit late but GOOD LUCK ON THE CHEMISTRY TEST!! I realise now how to make my typing bold.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chem >.<

currently studying for the chem teest tmr, the chem test that has been postphoned for like 3 weeks now?? yet i didnt use that time wisely to study for it and am now crammin! =.="

today was boring. started school at 9.30 which was good i guess =] had IT and accounting. accounting sac on thursday!! ^^" pumped.

then had double math which was boringgg. had double chem where we did a prac. LMAO at norman's super kool hairstyle after being tied up with a rubber band by ms grant XD. chem is so fun!! hahah =] prac was a bit boring though. i spent like half an hour all together just moving the bunsen burner in circles to evenly spread the heat...@_@

after school wen home and just bludged...

wish me luck for tmr!!

Good Week

I Had A Good Week =]

Highlights of my week
Okay i got none, but guess what?
I fnished all my homework! aside from chemistry i just got 2 more tests possibily 3 coming up!And 1 English SAC thats it. Yay term break 2 more weeks to go.

i got good news and i got bad news, the good news is that i have very little homework to do, bad news is the very little homework is alot. Because I didn't do my work in the past therefore it stacks up. You want to know what I have to do?
I have to do chemisty..Yeah, everything about mol, atoms, compounds, molecules, protons, neutrons, etc.

Okay Chatper 2 Questions 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,31,33,35,37
Chapter 3 Questions
Chapter 4 Questions
I also have to read a total of 28 pages. Sigh* and its all due next week ;p
I'm so lazy. I have to do my chapters in maths as wel =="
I'm so gonna do all this in the last minute, so if anyone see's 1 contact on at 3'oclock in the morning yeah thats me.

Have a good one~!



Ever wondered what the difference between the 2 greatest food in the world is? Well... I propose this, I accentuate to our viewers of our totally awesome worldwide ranking no 1. blog right now...

What is the difference between Roti Prata and Roti Canai.

Don't say ones prata and ones canai! But what is.. the actual difference between such great tasting foods? Is one like made with much greater tasting curry, extra meat, gravy? I DUNNO!! DO YOU?! Cause i wanna know!

Dammit Roti is sooooooo good.. Malaysia is like gg... Roti everything, I want a roti Bom, Rot canai, Roti prata, Roti teh tarik! Like seriously everything

Everything is roti... so awesome

Aside from the wonderful world of prata... We welcome the world of mathematics... steming from the great Euler or the magnificant Fibannaci

But from here.. stems the world of complex numbers

nah this sucks... I'm gonna blog to u bout my day... stuff you maths

hmm... today... was fricekn cold i nearly had a ice cube machine in my mouth... then had my double spesh back... got 25/33 for my sac... not to bad considering my class is like horrendous XD hmm after that chinese which was boring... WAgged PE for a sexy spesh study session then english and a awesome surprise methods test!!! AFter that band.. gosh band was so fricken draining... so crap

This ends my wonderful day :)




k2a the keekee pokemon

Monday, March 16, 2009


so at this moment in time, we make people believe that everything is ok, and we keep on pretending that nothing is wrong, when deep down you just want to tell someone, tell something, tell an object, tell anything just something that there's something wrong. You hope that someone listens, that maybe one day someone will care about it, but fact, your the only one in the mess so your the only one who knows whats going on. As time passes, the more we put things off to the side, just to deal with things that come to us, day by day, hour by hour. We neglect the things we don't like, and only deal with the things we want to face, the things we like, but eventually sometime, we gotta face reality....



100th post!!!! XD



David < Retard

David.. i do not need maths to prove that, cause its just simply not true :)



Sunday, March 15, 2009


okok, todays blogs by both david and keeam have been quite...unique?? keeams blog too sophisticated and wise for some to understand, and davids blog too chinese for non-chinese-learning ppl to understand... which is y my one today will be more simplistic =].

just finished doing like a whole 3 hours of math 'n' im not even finished T_T. had work earlier which was ok. made $1250 in one hour which was pretty good horhorhor ^^". i worked with this guy who had black mascara and stf on and he was rly rly freaky...he was new too..like first non-training shift. quite good i think. can be compared to the 4 month old guy aka the dodgeyslowclueless guy that worked yesterday.

after work i pretty mch bludged on msn and stf =S had a short napp to catch up on the loss sleep from last week XD. then studied!! not rly. was half studying and half watching TV

weather starting to turn cold.
ppl pls wear more clothing if u dun wanna get sick.. so concerning arent i??kekkeke ^^Y


David > brendan[笨蛋] and keean[溘按]

Keean lets see you use maths for this title >=]

啊 哟 这 个 blog 真 的 变 了 一 个 很 Emo 的 blog. 我 真 的 要 努 力 读 中 文 ==" 我 可 能 拿 不 到 五 十 分 Btw Keean 的 中 文 很 差 . Brendan 的 汉 语 真 好 ,Joshua 的 中 文 马 马 虎 虎 。 但 是 有 一 天 我 肯 定 比 你 们 好 . 我 会 用 很 多 功 夫 。 这 个 星 期 有 很 多 不 好 的 事 情 , 有 很 多 不 好 的 事 情 ... 俄... 我 知 道 了。 这 个 星 期 我 会 做 一 个 很 兴 奋 , 很 高 兴 的 , 和 很 感 恩 的 人 . 你 们 看 我 会 对 你 们 全 部 很 好 咧 ! 喂 Vanessa, Mishi 你 们 看 不 看 懂 吧?hmmmm 在 这 个 post 我 可 能 有 很 多 错 字..Brendan!!! 别 改 我 的 错 字 呀..

Soz If you can't Read this ;p
祝 你 一 个 很 美 的 星 期.
Traslation (Wish you a "B" "e" "a" "uuuuu" "tee" "Full" week.
大 卫 Or for noobs ==>(伟)


Just cause i type an emo post doesn't mean im emo >.> i like English and expressing language in an enigmatic sense is somewhat an interesting thing. For example... reading a seemingly underlined message posted in front of you can make you seem one way. But another reason is held hidden beneath the words. Interesting oh? As u can see i was pretty bored >.<

But yeh... then again.. I was emo? bout what? nothing really... the hidden depressing side of my life.. all fades into character i guess.. You can't really explain much... what can u define in life...





The list goes on... so i propose this.. why challenge anymore.. why don't we just find a place where we can hide and let life just go past... Why? Cause then we dun face sadness, pain, lost, agony and anger anymore. So yes... the two cent i guess

But yes.. surreal as the world may seem... we must all find a certain purpose... ones sense of belonging, and another's sense of identity... but what is the point of all this? WE all will eventually fade into nothingness... dust left through the abyss of time

What is the point I ask? What is the sense of purpose that can be achieve? Science, Maths, Language come so far.. only to fall exponentially short of what we want. So why?

Who cares?

Is there a point?

Some say there is?

Others don't?

So why bother?

Is it different?

Is it new?

Why change it.. its all the same

Life, Pain, Hurt... its all the same

Saturday, March 14, 2009

mmmmmm frappe =]

just finished work and now enjoying my choccool frappe XD first mccafe item =] thanks jsh for introducing lor... =]

anyways...today was THUNDERING AND RAINING =] so awesome. went out to bokkie at 12ish and saw jason and ian. tang lining up at maccas. ian tang had a kool bag that makes me wanna go china even more ^^"

chinese school was fun =] like always...had a SAC and i wrote over the limit by 28 WORDS!! =.=" the SAC was cutted down the word limit by 50 words!! if not, my essay would be so 'complete' =] josh is a cheater...all i can say ^^V also, ROFL ---> maccas = 卖当老 according to jsh =]

after school, nicole drove me to bokkie.

then after had work!! work was rly boring. and gay cos the cool person that i was meant to work with didnt work and i had to work with this other dodgey person. so slow him arh! =.=" and he doesnt use commonsense =.=" manager told him to wipe down the dressing bench cos there was no orders. so he does that. but when an order comes, he doesnt move out of my way but continues cleaning! so after saucing the burgers, i had to life the whole burger up and bring around him and continue making it! =.= zhen tao yan orh =S

anyways. keeams being an emo =/ so i feel like emo'in too...


ROFL... im emo'in ^^"

happy 白色情人节

I'm Being Bullied ;(

Not by brendan luu, Not by keean tan, Not by Joshua tan. not by any girl. Its 2 little kids called josh and hans. one in yr 5 and yr 7. their pushing me and poking me ==" I played mercy with one of them.. i was going easy and i lost==" so after the pain left i had a rematch and i litterally made that kid cry.

I have a feeling that im going to be bullied next week at fungus. well, today i had chinese school, i had a SAC so did keean,brendan,and jsh, keean was always being distracted, taking away josh's dictionary, asking brendan for vocabs and stuff, hehe. I beat u keean on that SAC! you'll see. didn't get the reuslts yet. but i got the feeling.

Btw this week i had a psychology test. I bet you I failed. haha seriously im gonna drop it. I chose the subject cause my brother wants to become a pshychologist he told me it was a fun subject, it isn't trust me. every class this is whats going on my mind:

David's brain: Do some work!!
David: aw I cbs
David's brain: Your gonna fail pshycology you know?
David: Im not plannning to do it for yr 12.
David's brain: Yes you are
David:No Im not
Davids Brain: YES YOU ARE!!
Teacher: What did you say David?

Lol gg.

Well i had a great week and i wish u all to have a great week too.



Just a thought:

I don't know what to think anymore? Life? Purpose? Sense?
Feel that its all gonna just go to waste?
That nothing shall change even if you try?
I try so hard... but you never notice me...
Want a change to happen, but nothing is seen
To no ends I try, and to no ends it shall be done
Cry about the simple things we once had
Nothing ever works out to be the fairy-tale
Can I be the one for you?
Change happens... we embrace it or it shall be our demise
It will never be the same
Have you ever felt that you want the world to cave in at your feet?
No time to think, nothing to do, not knowing what to say?
Place to what extent does it matter
In the end.. nothing matters?
This is life
World... an ethereal place where all dismay occurs
What to do.
Shall I fail?
I dunno.
Do you?

tres bien

Thursday, March 12, 2009


You know what is the strongest force on earth? Its Love. The simple simplicity of Love is so convicting, filled with passion and purenessless. Why am I blogging about Love? It because (No, im not in love...or maybe I am?) I have stress and the pressure from school and family. I need to find a part time job and quick! Brendan I'm gonna work maccas with you! Teach me! I have to love something, if I don't I will probably go crazy.

Hmmm, for 10 years. I'm the same as I am now. Except my knowledge of circular functions ==" Quadratics... Language analysing, Chinese vocabualry, and chemical substances. Oh and My walk with God.. =]

I've been think I should change my personality, I person who goes out and does everything. Or a person who gets really cocky, or should i be really nerdy?! Wear glasses and comb my hair in 1 direction. I tried it all trust me. I liked the gangster =] Glasses, waxed hair, Rough sense of fashion. Hmmm I kinda quit that because If Cbs doing my hair everyday, also i had a haircut..a real bad haircut.

Keean great man, I'm not fat no matter what u say. XD Brendan awsome dude, just try not to hate keean so much. Stress Hw SACS Tests Assignments Work. Well this week was extremly intense for me (if you know what im saying wink* wink*) I shall continue my search for my part time job.

Have a good one, oh and to all my friends ; 我希望大家会永远在一起
Love Ya All!



NOO >.<.... i couldve earned like 100 points on my priceline card today if i brought it T_T such a waste...discount gone lor..

today was another boring day at school. chem test got postphoned...AGAIN! wooot cos i new nothin about it. after school went bh with jsh, david, and will's "qin ai" kekekke. walked around and played cardss =]

im so poor nowadays..i get paid and then spend it all T_T...must start saving.

and david ur a rly rly great friend ^^" ur comment was very touching =]
and i hate keeam now cos he lied and made me all @_@


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

10.03.09 ROFL

HAHAHHA keeam can turn everything around lor =.=

anyways. I HATE ENGLISH!! =O i've been writing for like the whole day and i have just managed to complete my essay! =.=" i got a stopid method test tmr and i havent studied a bit for it cos of this essay T_T so gonnnna faill...

today had swimming sports. quite a bludge =]

after sports waited with david at school for jacky and andrew for liek a whole hour! @_@... david kicked a tree...smart..=] sport teacher and office ladies laughed at the story when i went to get a bandaid and asked if the tree was ok...awww =p.

then went forest hill afterr. bought a usb and notepad...T_T i cant find the rly awesome usb on ebay anymore =.=" shoulda bought it before..now cannot find orh

wish me luck for math test tomolo =D



David... ur heavier then me >.> seriously... check ur weight lol

simple mathematics would prove that u are more then two times heavier then me; Allow me to show u... Since David believes that i weight more then him... let us make...

David < k2a
David/2 < ka
Dvid/2 < k __________ Let k= keean's weight where this equals his weight of 64kg
Dvid/2 < 64kg
Dvid < 128 kg ____But Since Dvid is short for David... Therefore David is greater than 128kg

Simple arithmetic proves this... thank you

I shall leave you to ponder on this

10th March 2009

Today we had the swimming carnival. I went and did diving. I had the same score as the person who came first. then he complained and pushed me 1 position below. If i remembered what to do on my 3rd dive i would have came first ==" I let him win anyways =] you can tell..I lost by 1/2 a score.

Well my school house (batman) came last. just like last year and the year before and the year before the other. Why do we lose so much you may ask? Well they put all the lazy Azns into our group.

Btw about the c-box, from keeans comment. Keean is the heaviest out of us 3 =] no offence keean. He loves chocolate =] He can't help it. Brendan doesn't eat much! I have extremely fast motabolisim and I exercise as well. Just like keean said. Assets (Keeam)= Liabilities (Davdom) + Owners Equity (Brendom). Our combined weight equals keean XD.

I accidentilly bashed my big toe into this tree trunk on the floor. and Josh didnt seem care very much. He said he had it and he didn't cry. I didn't cry, I was on the floor in pain. No I can barely walk =="

Well all in all I had a good day~! Have a good one~! or maybe two! or three, four~!

1/2 of Keeam= davdom

Monday, March 9, 2009


just came back from work...WOOOOT DOUBLE PAY!! =D thats like 8 hrs pay in 4 hrs XD

but i also missed 4 hours of valuable essay planning. quite the stfed now -.-" got soo much studying and work to do, and tests T_T

today just bludged again. went out to bh. wanted to buy a pair of pants but they ended up quite dodgey when i tried them on zZz.

work was a bludge rly. not very busy. orders kept coming but not all at once which was good considering i was working alone T_T. was very boring. except manager treated me to sundae XD. woot.

swimming sports tmr!! should be fun hopefullly.
now gotta essay write lor!!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Brendn's Bored =]

Brendn's Bored!! Im not. Long weekends are awsome. That equals less income of homework and more time for catching up and having FUN! If this world had no fun, my brothers would be dead, because their whole world is based on Par-Taii~! So they can ruin my world. Awsome >.>

Love them to bits though. This blog is so awsome XD Inputting my thoughts and emotions.. GRRR~! Im ANGRY!! Hahaha Gotcha!


im bored =/




havent blogged in two days now!! dunno why...not that i was busy or anything, i think i was just lazii lol =]

anyways. i wont blog about the previous two days cos that will use too mch brainpower ^^" so today was a good day. got to sleep in till like 12...was woken up by a call ---- work -.-" cept didnt answer lor.

bummed around all day and did one chapter of math the entire day!! =O impressive?? =.="

got an english essay to write as well due end of long holidays >.< i got no inspiration arh T_T. cannot write.

i wanna go moomba =D havent been in years. but i cbs going alllll the way out to the city =S. hmm...


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Vanessa On Drugs?

Oie.. am i missing out on something? Since when was vanessa on drugs? More like keeans on drugs XD.. He so obsest with his SAC's.. I have SAC's as well im not sooking as much >.> So does brendan. But he's in Yr 12 so yeah I guess i so. I have 2 more tests for the rest of this term YAY! or was it 3? I can't remember. I have 2 SAC's upcoming and 1 Assignment. Fun >.>

I had chinese school today and after chinese school we went to box hill, hoping we'd get a free hair cut. only for 2 days!! but we there were no spots left. We were booked out. For both days! So I walk home. Reformatted my computer its nice and clean now :3

Had a great time, Hope you guys will have a good one too~!

From David

Friday, March 6, 2009


So saddening.. a three day weekend looms over us... A non-stop hardcore study session can be viewed over the enxt three days.. as the torturous jouney suddenly ends. The beginning of pain has arrive... It is SAC day... the 1st of four sacs... GG.. Then theres 3 more on the next day but like... yeh u get the picture.

But yeh.,. tommroow i ahve a chinese school SAC.. which is bs lol... what is the world with sacs today? Pathetic and annoying...

Oh how i miss being in year 10 >.> THat was fun lol

Final thing before i leave :)

No Nessa No... No Nessa No.. NOOOOOO NESSA!


Kaptain 2 Asian (wth lol?)

Ps. There was an earthquake... I didn't feel it rofl...

Thursday, March 5, 2009


im bored =O and i cbs studying yet i dunno wt to blog about =S.

today the english teacher told me and elizabeth that we need to 'contribute' more to the class discussions...-.-"...i hate english...if my answers were pro then i would contribute, but unfortunately, they arent cos of my veli pro english =.=!

accounting test in the morning was EASY. aced it =] though the test paper was blurry at one stage cos my eyes were like @_@ LOL.

had assembly!! another chem lesson missed!! i think the test will now have to postphone AGAIN till next next monday ^^" wooot. cos i am so clueless in chem GG =.="

thats itt today =]


Wraps or no wraps?

Title says it all...

Well ever since Brendan mentioned wraps and vanessa said "=O= THE NEW WRAPS ARE DELISHH" I all of a sudden had a craving for wraps. And if brendan is having a hard time making wraps then im gonna order lots next time I go to macdonalds being an evil customer XD~! Why do I all of a sudden talk about wraps?

Well it all started yesterday night, when I was studying for my AGM (Advanced General Maths) Test I checked out my blog for updates and i read the past blogs and I saw one of brendan s blog. It was talking about wraps. So when I went to sleep besides from dreaming about circular functions, translation, dialation, Unit cicrles Etc...
Well Yup, You guessed it! (Or maybe not >.>) I was dreaming about wraps. They were like clouds and I was flying and as I was about to take a massive bite, My alarm clock blasted in my ear =="

Btw Gratz to Keean Figuring out the wonders of Chocolate. You should have loved it earlier cause when I went to tazzy holiday we went to the cabrary choclate factory and no I didn't see any ompa lumpas, nor did I see charley. We brought a 5 Kg box of choclates. Thats a 30cm X 60cm box. Scince I ate all the good ones and gave 30% away to family and relatives we only have dark choclate left XD! No one likes dark chocolate.

Wraps Gah I can't stop thinking of it. Ack Btw today i was suppose to be doing my AGM Test today, It was actually a revision sheet under test conditions, teacher told me that after she corrected my 98% "Revision" test =="

Msn screwed up so was Jsh's But his one is somehow fixed any way because of a virus sent by a girl called Anita ! Rawr. I wanted to punch her hard at school but she said a girl called francis sent it to her and I wanted to beat her up~! She said this other random gave it to her. What is this virus? Well its when you log on to msn, you will start spamming this link with your name on it or something like that and when people download it, it makes you automaticly spam thier contacts with the same link and your mouse crashes ever now and then. So I shall fix this problem soon.It also disables the function to type.

Upsetting ==v. Have a good one~!



man... i have found my new love. No its not specialist! No its not spares! Yes. Yes it is. The one thing i truly love. So nice. so Awesome. So gluttonous. So fattening. So Lively. Yes.. I really love chocolate!

Now before u shut me down and call me fat.. obese and Brendom-face (Pimple Face) I have many reasons.

1. Chocolate just taste good! How can something brown look so good, it jsut does? Its a bit like steak. :)
2. Its so sweet!!! I love sweets! I know... how can a 16 year old in year 12 still like sweets? AS ridiculous as it sounds... I do! I jsut can't grow up? Don't like it? Wanna fight? I don't cause thats just wrong :)
3. They fill my tummy up! Yes sweets are so nice... where u eat alot of it u become very full! but sometimes stomach-ache >.< aiyoo... but I haven't got up to that stage yet!
4. Theres really nothing else i can say :(

So... there u have it! I love chocolates

True i have 4 sacs next week... 1 on Tuesday and 3 on Wednesday! I know WTHOMGBBQIMBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAness but seriously...
chocolate = solution to short term probelms... y?

Cause of their awesome chemical formula that stimulates the brains activity and my feelings :)

Chocolates.. you can bear to eat without it


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


kekkeke...wt do u ppl think of new blog skin?? i personally like it ROFL...dunno y. before i would complain about it but dunno y not now lor.

anyways, so much for the fire ban thingy warning today. woke up and it was raining @_@.... cept it was rly rly rly windy. woke up like half an hour earlier than me usual time to put in my contacts - just in case it took 70 minutes again to put them in ^^"!! ended up only takin like 5 minutes ah? watched a rly rly dodgey yugioh copy show called bakugen or something...ITS SO STOPID...and the monsters in them arent even 'kool' such as angewoman, lilymon and seadramon from digimon, or mystic elf and magician girl from yugioh XD.

went to school and had IT. our outcome is due this week T_T though im like ahead of everyone cos everyone is so =.=" period 2 had house meetings!! went to the new gym....WOW its sooo kool and bright and sexyyy..so big and yellow too =] cept everyone had to take off there shoes before entering LOL =S.

double math was ok...period wen pretty fast...test got postphoned to next wednesday!! horray for labour day and swimming sports ^^". then double chem was spent doing more notes. chem test also got postphoned till next thursday!! WOOT. horray for l.day and swimming.s again! =]

after school i napped for my first time in agesss. was gonna sleep for like 15 minutes but ended up sleeping till dinnnerrr =O.

anyways, i should start some work now =]

tak care.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A New Week


Today Slept in.. Good sleep =] Then I walked to school. i was bored at school and there was 5 minutes to class... too little time to go to the library, to much time to count my fingers so I just waited outside of my class for chinese. Hey guess what>?! My chinese teacher wasn't there so another period off~!! I could have slept an extra half an hour~! Grrr...

At lunch time i saw brendan in the distance... he was getting closer. He looked a bit different...AH! He's got blue contacts!! okay not contacts..contact. He had only 1 on. Lol he said it took him 40 minutes to put 1 on. Scary o.o! Highlight for today goes to JOSH yay hooray for josh and his fantastic stunts! you wanna know what happened? My good friend Joshua Tan Wei Ren and all my friends had this jazz session. And Josh picked on me , as i was watch he turned around and before I knew it BOOOM!! Ouch? I'm on the floor.

No he didn't hit me on the head. Think more below the belt. Cool. Nice one Josh. Well it took me about 5 minutes to recoop and get up. after lunch I saw brendan again! yay =] And this time with his second contact! "Must of took him the whole lunch time==" I walk to the library with josh. He had some problems with his AGM Hw. He doesn't listen to me( Just cause he beat me on the first AGM Test, But I beat you in methods RAWR!!)

Hey another thing! Vic Police Sms Texted me. =] So did Josh ==" And the people around me. Hmmm I thought only the government cared about me lol. Well I Had a great day!! Only if Josh didn't hurt me fatally below the belt it would have been an AWSOME day. But its not.

Enjoy the rest of you week and the rest of this month. Have a good one!


Sunday, March 1, 2009


wooot a new month =] that means its a month closer to the end of the yr!! =]

today woke up at 1 =] caught up on some sleep but i dun think its enof >.> luckily tmr no period 1 and 2 and 3!! ^^V. bummed on computer and then went out to bh to buy some stf....a week pay gone just like that -.-"

went to work at 4.30.....very boring but it was ok i guess. worked with manager and then emma came at 7. was ok busy.

short blog today =]


About the Poll

You know I didn't ask brendan or keean about the poll so what ever colour its gonna be its gonna be that colour for a week :p I still think brendan or keean is gonna change it to brown again. So far pink is winning =] Pink... This blog will be really gay! So before brendan changes it come check it out!! Also I got tests and outcomes Ahhh! I gotta cool down...Breathe in...Breathe out... Hey its march! Well If you had a crap month last month I hope this one will be a better one!! And nessa stop doing last minute Hw!! Its bad for you!

Have a good one!


It's March


whats with all the hype? serious? nothing... thats right! nothing at all.. Just a random bit of unresolved hyperness

But yeh.. Its MArch.. 31 days of it.. sounds long? but its really not Oo

Its cold :(