Saturday, January 31, 2009


just came home from karaoke and dinner with keeam, ken, frances, and kens two friends - cat and amanda. had to rush there after a very very very very very dodgey day of work. was sooooo bad. not only was it hot - sweat was like rainn lol yuk, but the stopid grills were so annoying. they kept breaking everytime a batch of meat is rdy!! farrr. soo annoying to fix. everyone was really cranky including me cos one of the managers were hussling us (me and this other manager and another manager). kitchen was a mess to and very understocked. previous shift people did a badd job at keeping the kitchen clean and stocking up -.-" sighhh. one time cos the customer ordered the burger without sauce, since it was alrdy made (with sauce), the crew member person just scraped the sauce off on this ledge thing =[ man, cannot even scrape it out in a bin lor?!?

anyways, after work had to get changed and stf. very rushed. also, HATHAIR does not work well with gatsby or any wax/hair product lor -.-" yeh. didnt even get to say a proper bye to the manager who is leaving cos was in rush =[[ bye nickk. thx for giving me this job ^^".

got to glenny by 6.30. didnt sing at kalahok cos most of the songs were in korean lols. but was very very entertaining watching ken dancing, and amanda and cat were entertaining, and ken and keeam imitating 默默的人's dancing hahahhahha, etcetecetc. =DD was forced to eat SO mch food. like 5 spoons of foood!! GG. had a few sips of a mixed drink which included - this redish sauce, kimchi, coke, water, some of this stf from kens dish, and i forget =S hahaha. tasted not bad as i thought =] like beer with a bit of chilli kekek. after kalahok, went to safeway with keeam to wait for his dad to pick us up. thx for the ride home keeams' dad XD. bought a bag of skittles. wahh, the red skittle so chilli. like yuk chilli =].

tmr going chinese new year festival in city lalallala =].


Friday, January 30, 2009


sry i just felt it was necessary to blog that



The heatwave is over!!! YAYYYY!!!!! And it's about freakin time... Goodness 4 days of non-stop heat heat heat... even my poor laptop had it bad :(

Yes... First day of school today was good! I had a half day which was totally awesome! Cept for assembly where like 1000 guys were crammed into a hall with the entire place reeking of absolutely feral BO. Possibly the most foulest thing I've experience in a while (Apart from Brendom XD That was mean, soz). Apart from the sizzling afternoon at school... I stil haven't made a choice about further or spesh XD Rofl.... indecisiveness galoure... never ever put your life in my hands! Would never know waht to choose.

After school... bummed at home... watched How I Met Your Mother which isn't too bad... But Big Bang Theory KICKS ITS ASS!! Still so funny even after watching it for the billionth time. (Note sarcasm there)

But now comes the most crucial part of this blog post... HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE WATER TO FREEZE IN THE FREEZER!!! ITS SOOOOO ANNOYING! I LEFT THE WATER IN THE FREEZER FOR LIKE 4 HOURS AND IT STILL DIDNT FREEZE!!! WAGHHHHHH!!! It was extremely annoying! Luckily I used an Ice PAck to cool me down... see how smart i am :)

Just came back from soccer.... which was horrific lol... and yeh.. thats bout it... apparently I have to go for this chinese school thing for something which i dunno what that something is so i guess this something isn't very important for if the something was important I would've remembered the thing it was about but obviosuly this thing hasn't struck a bell of importance, therefore this thing is not a thing to be worried about. And I have kaoroke with Brendom and Frances and Ken tomorrow!! w00t! Time to rip out the Jay Chou and Big Bang :)



cooool change =DD

finally, can go outside of the house without suffocating in the heatt.

so, today. pretty mch a wasted day. did nothing special in this weatherr. studied my chem book kekeke got through 3 whole chapters! =O success for me ah ^^v.

also going to karaoke and dinnner with ken, keeam and frances and ken's friends tmr. unfort, have to go after work which is like an hour lata -.-" dodgey. nobody wannna work in this kind of weather; inc me =p eg. today.

cannot go chink school for 报道tmr. sry keeam =/ reason ~ cos =]

plans for the rest of the holidays - go karaoke and dinner tmr, work, and go chinese new yr festival in city =O

and then...



Thursday, January 29, 2009

¡Es todavía locamente caliente!

I learnt a new quote from my novel! I really love it!

"Sensitive. That killed me. That guy was about as sensitive as a goddam toilet seat"

ROFL... i gotta use that quote on someone

So... it's night now... and i guess it's a little cooler... and finally a mood to blog! Well school starts tomorrow and I'm still in a huge dilemma of whether to pick Further Maths or Specialist Maths :) So it's 11.10pm atm and I'm still choosing XD This is driving me insane.... I've like had 3 months to think about this and still have no clue on what to pick T_T How shocking >.>

Anywayz since the weather was so hot today, I decided it was the best time to purchase some books, since when its 35 degrees, its soooooo cold, too cold to go out and buy things. Anyway bought my books and came home and amazingly my lock was like jammed... So I ended up waiting for my dad to come home and open the garage to get inside. Ended up sitting in the heat for bout 20 minutes... blehhhhh BURNING!

After that got inside... shower... then had Tution for like 2 hours! So yes... final day of holiadys i spent in tuition learning :) :) Don't we all love education XD

And now i am here... typing this blog post... bout to get ready for an awesome fun filled sizzling 43 degree day at the wonderful world of Scotch College tommorow. How enjoyable

Thats all for now! N.B Brendom has noob, fobby un-puntuated Singlish and laughs with kekeke

k to the 2 to the A A

no school tmr ^^v

though i have been waiting fooor soo long for these holidays to end, im sorta glad that we dun needa go bak to school until next monday; unlike some ppl (keeam) =] in 43 degrees weather..GG. can some ppl not like watermelon. watermelon is the best fruit besides for others such as durian, papaya, cherry, dragonfruit, redish round fruit round in malaysia, thailand and singapore, etcetc. so good to eat on day like today, which i have soon. =]

anyways, today spent most of the afternoon at ians house with david, jason, norman and ian himself. played poker and blackjack. kekekek. me - 10000000000000% legit player, which was how i won bak so much money in such a small amnt of time =DD. had dumplings at bh with them and jini and bianca were there tooo. rest day, bummed around on comp and in front of fan/air con ^^" yet still so hot.

be sure to check out and


Burn Melbourne Burn


To hot to blog >.<

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


very happy to announce the openment (WTH is openment brendom? fobness much) of brendomkeeam.blogspot =] in just 5 days =D for once in my whole life im actually happy that school is starting. prolly bcos the holidays have been SO BORIN =.= unbelieveably boring these holidays. basically all been doing is working -.-" oh well. i guess all that work will pay off when i become crew trainer and then manager kakkaa. such high aspirations - maccas global manager =].

anyways. so hott. tmr, 43 degrees, same with the day after. GG. -.-" how to sleep in this weather??

rly dunno wt to blog about lol cos other blog will be main blog.

btw, u guys will no whos blog-post is who by the use of language.
eg. keeam - word to describe the weather - "raining fire goodness.... boy is it like a furnance:
brendom - "so hott"


Official Opening of the So Entertainingly Xcellent (S.E.X) Blog of B&K

w00t! First blog post is all mine! hehe... This is officially my first time blogging and finally! I'm no longer a blogging virgin XD

Firstly... Queries... my gosh it took me like, 20 minutes to open the "Post new Blog" icon. So saddening.. seriously like it just hung there for like ages!!! Frustration galoreeeeee specially on a 41 day of a sweltering heat wave... So baddd plus my light bulb just blew T_T

Secondly... Brendom decides to hog all the credentials and glory when our blog becomes world famous in the hands of the millions of overseas viewers, as he decides to be selfish and place his name before mine in the blog name! WHAT IS HIS PROBLEM?!?! I gave him the idea... Ta zhen de hen guo fen, bu hao de pen you... i hope he reads this post after.. especially his "Qing Ai De Ren". See my chinese isn't that bad XD

Thirdly... YEAR 12 STARTS IN LIKE 2 DAYS OMGWTHBBQ T_T I'm so scared for it.. its like a date with destiny... shocking! Future depends on this entire year of hardcore study and no-social life (AKA pulling a Daniel). But yes... beyond all the stress and eagerness to revise and learn new things, I've created a blog! The one thing that will keep my sanity over the next 10 months!

Fourthly... ITS HOT! DAMN IT IS HOT! Its like burning... raining fire goodness.... boy is it like a furnance... plus.. my aircon is very useless... its like not working and bout to explode... Poor Brendom has no aircon so hes dying in his little room with his laptop.

And and finally! I realised that blogspot automatically auto-saves my work! Yay!

Blogging is fun XD

That's all for now! Also.. I hate codes >.>