Sunday, April 26, 2009


I think we only blog during school days cause we want to get away from hw... I guess its kinda true cause during holidays, i practically went out every single day

Right now having an argument with Eddie via Steph's wall! which is actually really fun! Diverts attention from work rofl!

But schools gonna be a toughie... 3 SACS this week... Double Chinese SAC, Double English SAC and Accounting SAC gg!!

So failing English cause me so fobby T_T

I'm turning into Brendom! Lot's of pimples, pro at chink, fail English and always wants to haircut! T_T




Growl =L

Keean Beat me on chinese SAC again at chinese school, but i dont think that matters, as long as im getting good chiense marks at day school, chink won't matter XD Anyways today i slept till like 12 today... Wow 3 times, hmm i think i should start sleeping earlier =="

And blogging is getting reeeaally reeaally closer to my personal diary out in public o.o

Dear Diary,

Keean beat me in the chinese Sac... make that 2 Sacs. But no matter how much he's boasts i'll alaways be happy for him :P He beat brendan as well!! untill brendan pointed out the teacher's miss calculation so she added an extra 5 marks. wow no one counts that badly.. can they?

Well i had a nice day, nothing happened much cause half of the day i was sleeping, so i shuld sleep more earlier... yeh note to self, sleep more earlier..
Yours sinserly...
to me truly?...
I dont know how to end a diary LOL!XD


p.s =>2 weeks since last blog wow, nevathought that was possible since i talk alot... like tons and i just have to say something or typep something.. u can tell cause i say so much on msn XD Cyaz

p.s.s => actually b4 i end I just want to add I played L4D with keean and jsh and i just loved shooting jsh XD jsh was helping keean up and i shot him down and everyone was down and i ran out of ammo on both my guns LOL~! Brendan i now see why u shot jsh, keean u should try it.

Saturday, April 25, 2009



"IS THAT EVEN A CHARACTER" (Pointing to his chinese name)


Thursday, April 23, 2009


Its 11.12pm... I'm unbelievably tired and actually pretty annoyed at work atm... I have to write up an English Essay and i absolutely can't be bothered with doing that... but i ahve to do it or else teacher will RAGE me T_T Plus i have to do my detailed study for chinese or else i die T_T

I had the most awesome dream and then my dad tried to wake me like 4 times but i didnt get up... I was dreaming that i was like differentiating this maths equation and I couldn't do it and i kept telling my dad to wait. Quite sad really...

MATHS IS GONNA TAKE ME THROUGH VCE!!! COME ON!!! English will fail me >.<

BLEH English!!! Biggest waste of my life ever... and my SAC is on Wednesday.... gonna fail that badly


Must do English or forever be cursed with the hate English bug >.<


Actually... Before i go... I actually must rant about one thing... How come my name is in the middle and Brendom's name is before mine in our blog URL... I mean.. I think i ranted bout this 3 motnhs ago... but seriously! EVen thought ur older then me by a month, I am still the asset of the equation, therefore i should be placed before you brendom! WAGHHHH!

And... Another thing: U annoy me BRENDOM LUU!! STOP TEAM KILLING IN L4D NOOB!

Seriously! I will take a scenario from V.A when L4D with Brendom....

Jacky: Brendom stop shooting me
(Brendom Shotgun's Jacky)
All: Tard...

Jsh: Oi Brendom! Stop shooting me!
(Brendom repeatedly shoots Jsh)
All: omg

Partially the reason why Brendom Luu is noob at l4d... so annoying! Even worst then David when he first started doing circular functions when he thought cos(x) is positive in the 2nd quadrant (LOL MATHS)

Ok... Shall go

PS. It has been more then 2 weeks since i made a blog post XD

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


been nearly 2 weeks since i last blogged @_@ soo long....mayb cos been so busii. jasons outin was fun =DD

anyways, was rly excited about going bak to school on sunday but now...=/ i dun like school nemore -.-"
onli been 2 days and alrdy got loads of hw + the holidai hw i didnt do =O got like 3 sacs/outcomes next week!! GG.

got accounting outcome bak todai. 45/50 ^^" quite good considering that day i was rly rly not in the mood. some stopid mistakes though =S. jacky got maccas job =O suprise yehh?? apparantly he literally walked in -> manager told him ur alrdy hired -> walked out. THATS IT!! mayb the manager thought he would be as pro as me kekkeke.

must return bak to my hw now (or mafia wars or restaurant city XD)
p.s. thx frances for 你的礼物!! =D

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Keean's House


Last friday i went in the morning to church office at about 9 o'clock ( i was walking) and waited for about half an hr and nobody came... >.> And then it was 9.50am and the easter prayer meeting suppose to start at 10. Nessa messaged me that she was positivly sure that it was church office. And i was getting ready to buy a train ticket, finally quentin came.. so close!Phew ~! we then prayed for about an hour and a half, It was awsome! I was never so pump about prayer, really you guys should have came.

Anyways after that i stayed at church office until about 6'o clock oh in that time period i was playing mafia wars.... every 5 minutes i get "1" stamina point and it goes in like 3 seconds. I was so sad. Then brendan called and asked a sleep ova at keeans house...YAY! then jsh called and said the same thing... YAY! and then he came to church office and told me something important... reallly important, he forgot he couldn't remember until like 20 minutes late.... ready for it? bring your sleeping bag... ==' No jsh im not going to bring my sleeping bad im going to sleep outside where all the dogs are and freeze myslef to death>.> OF COURSE I BRING A SLEEPING BAD> WHAT YOU WANT ME TO SLEEP IN YOUR SLEEPING BAG WITH YOU?! ai yo what was jsh thinking?

Anyways at keeans house we played "LEFT 4 DEAD" just this game where u shoot scary zombies and every 10 seconds u hear jsh saying " HOLY S***T! HOLY S***T!" yeh was pretty funny then we played FIFA, i was horrible dont talk about it. I played Counter strike and me and brendan rotated and I smashed brendan! i killed more guys than him =] But thats nothing to be proud about, keean then smashed me soon after. We watched red cliff good movie until Jsh's feet was blocking the tv screen and i could only see half the screen and his feet so i feel asleep, earlier than all my friends. I woke up at about 11 o'clock changed clothes as quite as i could but i was a bit weary and i stuck my right foot on the left hole and i was hopping around for like 5 minutes trying to get my left leg into something_ LOL, then i decided to take a shower to wake me up.

Brendan woke up 2nd then comes jsh, he was trying to find his glasses and i held it right infront of me and he was like... wheres my glasses wheres my glasses? so clueless jsh XD keean woke up last, probably cause he slept the latest. I went on the computer and went to play OMGPOP and it was pretty fun, so then i made account. ALL YOU RANDOMS OUT THERE WHO ARE READING THIS MAKE A OMGPOP ACCOUNT AND PLAY WITH ME!! well anyways brendan left first cause he needed to work then keeans brother came jsh at megoren then left 2nd and i left last. yeh thats the end of that.


Btw bunnies do not relate to easter eggs they don't even lay eggs!



kekeke had work which was ok cos there was double pay ^^" then afta work went to keeams house =] saddle sleepover club XD david and josh were there alrdy. since david was fasting, jsh and keeam decided to eat food in front of him and stf =O hhahaha.

was rly rly fun =DD played l4d, fifa and MAFIA WARS!! phone was 'stolen' like twice =.=" watched red cliff which is pretty good movie lor. kekekkee i didnt fall asleep during this movie this time..unlke lst time with batman movie >.> however, jsh and david did hehehhe.

slept at 8am and woke up at 12 am GG. but wasnt too sleepy though... played a bit of fifa. well actually played for my first-ish' time >.> i won against david and keeam!!!! ^^V. had to leave early which was unfortunate T_T went bh to buy some stf...T_T used $ poor now..waiting for keavin rudds $900 XD...

anyways, hope u guys have fun holidays too

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Aw this whole week has just been sleep,work,sleep,eat,go out for like 5 hours, then eat gets pretty boring. I have just started doing my holiday homework and i really have nothing to do ==" I could of gone to lilydale if a special someone didn't have something.... not that he could do anything about it. not your fault mystery man. today i brought...NEW CLOTHES!! Yes for the first time eva i am not wearing handy downs from my younger brother (he's Big btw) or getting clothes of aunties or something.. =] satisfied to da MAX. My uncle came before the holidays, he gave me red packets..and im more satisfied than brendan's aunties red packets ~o.O'~ well anyway aside from th awkwardness of brendan having his aunty and me having my uncle. i seem to be enjoying myself. once i get all my projects and assignments done..

Anyways lets flash back to the last day of school where me and josh hadn't finished our assignments and we'll fail that chapter if we hadn't handed it in by the end of the term, we did all the questions on our assignment in english class, we couldnt finish the last 2 questions though. We had last period off so we said we'll give it to the teacher then. but apparently we were break dancing in the gym instead. Rite, after josh had headed off to box hill and im at home changing clothes. and then... "OH S***T!"
I bus to box hill leaving home. and i told jsh, and jsh was like " OH S***T!" yeh we both had the same reaction. So pissed at that moment.=="

Well this blog has been real great i get to know brendan and keean more. really does, and for u readers im sure it paints a better picture of us. I remember when brendan posted the time he was really drowsy and he bought bubble tea and he dump the whole thing in the bin and after 5 seconds he was like " why did i do that?!" and how much keean is dislike his specialist.ahhhh~ great times.



kekekkeke..holidaisss soo good ^^" catch up on some sleeeeeep

but yet they are a bit boring lor. heheh lucki frances. get go hk 'n' cn =.= shopshopshop. hope u come bak poor as ever XD.

nothin mch been going on this holidays. could'nt go lilydale cos of unexpected event which was very depressing T_T...

aunty came over from canada. shes...sorta scary LOL never seen her before. but yeh..she gave us red pocket so im satisfied XD.

woooot todai got the official thingy saying im gonna become crew trainer..bit disappointed that the messege came via sms =.= was expecting them telling me personally or at least a letter..oh wells. im happi =DD.

havent been bloggin mch recently cos of 'events' T_T sry. i will try blog more orh.

got so mch hw for the holidays which is quite dodgey -.-" but oh wells. will try to enjoy the holidays as mch as can!! ^^V. mafiaaa warsss - new addiction XD i wanna restart cos i stfed up my stats >.<

oh yehh...anyone got there $900 from goernment yet?? cos i havennnt >.< hopefully i can get soon =DD

happi holidays, take care

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Keean has been going out to much.
Keean is going to get raped for VCE Year 12 homework
Keean is going out again tomorrow
Keean is gonna get destroyed by Specialist
Keean is going to suffer when he does holiday homework
Keean must set aside 35 hours for homework
Keean is living alone atm
Keean would make an awesome housewife who can't cook
Keean must wash the dishes and clean the house
Keean burnt da egg T_T
Keean is stuffed

YAY :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Sorry Guys... I fell asleep before I could post April Fools.. How pathetic lol

I was tired :(

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Keean <3 April Fools


No this blog isn't closing and no my marks are not changing for chinese. Im keeping it as and "A" average. No matter what happens im gonna get an "A" and its goinmg to stay that way,brendan will stick with "A+" and thats it. no one is changing nothing. so Keean was just tricking u guys. it was an april fools. =] Well i got lots of revision to do for methods, cause i have a test tomz so wish me luck and hope that i do well. Cyaz




WE ARE CLOSING DOWN THIS BLOG!!! Why? cause I feel that it is necassary to do so as it has seemed to become a distraction to David Wong. His exam grades have fallen and now is on the verge of failing Chinese and Year 11... Because of this... it has become an unanimous decision by the holders of the blog to permanently shut this down.

This will cause sadness to our readers.. and we apologise for this as this is David Wong's fault...

We are sorry for this...