Friday, May 29, 2009


EXAMS have started kekeke... =D
today was the english exam. i actually reckon my essy was quite decent...though i onli had like 1 quote in it T_T GG. OWNED BY MS BUCKLEY =/

studied a bit after exams and then had methods sac =.=" its gayy. but finally its over ^^" now i can relax a bit. no math or english hw for the weekend!!!!

chinese school tmr. rly cbs doing the chinese hw lor =.=" i think i mite just rose hehehe.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Brendan's Rage Is Like A Spreadable Fever@_@

RAWR!! All of a sudden im raging for no particular reason~! RAWR!!
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28.05.09 -.-!!

ahhhhh!!! omgshh. todai had accounting sac. FAIL. sooo annoyed @_@
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

150th post :p

Hey, Exams coming up, hope all stressed and studying hard and all. aslo word to all those people who are doing CSL Yr 12 YOU CAN GO SCREW YOURSELF!! so my score can go up XD (aside for keean and brendan) Now why do I randomly have so much time to blog? During the midst of all the exams etc? Well thats because i didnt bring any books back home ==" So what do I do? Go on my mafia... restuarant a book... do a bit of gaming... lay on the floor and then realise HEY I GOT A BLOG! So here i am. Hope you all miss me you sexy bunch of people who are reading this. Haha. Okay Um before I type any further.. Word to you all This is an "M" Rated post!! So no one read this who is 14 and below shall instantly close your browser and dont come back on untill 5 weeks time when this post has dicintergrated and has full dissapeared.......

Your not leaving are you?...

Okay I knew it this blog is too addicting XD..

Okay well then I shall continue..

At school we have this talent quest and 1st pize gets 500 DOLLARS!!!! Woot! we have got to soooo win that!! Split 80 Bucks each :p Think about all that money is making me drool ----><. Okay thats about it oh and to oficially make this "M" Rated I Cut myself today by accident. soo lots of blood.. ewwww~!

Well nice blogging now back to laying on the floor Cyaz~!


Friday, May 15, 2009


woooot just got another $100 from uncle. this is like the 3rd time he gives me $100 =DD soo luckiii. kekekkee.

anyways, today had school. english had oral =O was ok i guess. oral skills improved a lot since yr 7 ^^" had double IT next but teacher wasnt here =S. had subb but i wagged cos IT so pointless ahh. played bleach and did lil bit of methods XD SMASHED jsh and david in bleach kekkeke.

did some chink genr'l convo during lunchh kekke. soo pro it is indeed =DD. had free and then methods. BlUdgE. =p

got work soon T_T finish at MIDNIGHT LOR.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free~! :3

Today I was filled with tests and was cramming hardcore yesterday nite but now... IM FREEE!!! Lets spread my happiness to the world!! If you dont feel my happiness then imagine you got everything you wanted and this world was the world that you wanted it to be~! Now multiply that feeling by infinity and you get what im feeling XD~! Phew its great to get that out of my system. Well now that i have finished all the test this whole semester i still got exams so study hard -.- and harder -.- and harder-.- But 2 more weeks till the exams scary o.o

Yesterday I also did cross country, brendan went to the front and we bursted all our energy out! rawr why does brendan have to be so competitive, we should have went to a constant pace like Jsh, Ai yo. and I could have beaten brendan in the cross country if the little kid gave me the stamp properly and actually stop talking to me brendan is like 10 metres AWAY FROM ME!! So I bolted across the feild at 10000Km per hr but brendan just made it before me by 0.000000001 seconds ==" Oh well. It doesnt matter, i should have stuck with jsh. would have came first :)

Today after all my test i think im gonna celebrate witha nice warm bath with bubbles and a 3 cups of warm soothing milkshakes and watching anime all at the same time. yeh that would be great... if my mum let me LOL!

Well its been a long day. Cyaz allz~!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009



todaii is cross country dayy. was soo excited yesterday cos i was actually rly rly looking forward to it =] UNFORTUNATELY, soo annoyed now!!! i didnt beat this dodgey person -.-#. yafgasiubfoijawniognqoi3qjty9209

oh wellls...i still got next yr =DD. went library after and bludged cos i didnt bring any books =O stopid me.



Sunday, May 10, 2009


I jsut wanna thank David for placing an obscurely large picture of Naruto and the bottom of our page, very dramatic, very sensual, extremely awesome.

I'm so over blogging >.> i can't even be bothered typing lol

I don't nough sleep so thats a problem >.<

But yeh, tis tiring :(

night night


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good old brown

Good old brown, now i know why brendan likes brown, it leaves a nice warm feeling, very welcoming. so yeh I dont care if u guys hate it cause i like it :p Okay unless u all say u hate it then it'll change >.>

RAWR~! You guyz!! Sign Off!! Rawr, im starting to confuse me which posts are brendans which posts are keeans ==" anyways something happened yesterday, i was stretching and then my brother came and i was like "NOOOO! Stay away from me!!" and then BANG!! Ow ow ow my right leg, He tore one of my muscles... now for the whole day today i was unable well have trouble walking .

I didnt have chinese today so i had first period off so i slept in abit :D and i had last two periods off so i only had 3 periods of class :D :D I studied so hard for the upcoming chem test and it was suppose to be tomorrow but before i left school one of my classmates told me there was no test. NOOOO! all that effort for nothing, no i have to restudy to remember all the chem stuff ==" Grrrr~! Chemistry teacher was away monday and tuesday, i dunno what happned o.o

Dear Josh (for all those who want me to send to josh)
Dear Keean (for those who want me to send it to keean)
Dear Sleeping Time (my alriginal diary)

Today I hit a wall. Because my right leg failed to support my weight. Btw I LOVE YOU!!! (referring to sleeping time) I just want more and more and more and sleep 4eva!!! until i had enough then i wake up~! :3

Yours truly





okay DaviD =]



wahh..been like a week since last blog. been very busy busy busy ever since school started. lots of homework and sacs T_T. new addiction: restaurant city!! =D its the bestest game kekeke. everyone should join so i get more ingredients from visiting them XD

should start the chinese detail study soon, even though the exam is still like months away >.> tomolo got work. =D first time excited about work hahah. mayb cos havent worked in so long.

todai after school went bh to order food from maccas with norman, jason, ian, josh and david. luckily the manager wasn't the order taker or else gg. went over limit of my discount card...i rly feel like a crispy chiken deluxe now =/ cravvve...