Saturday, February 28, 2009


二月二十八天 星期六 晴天

today i slept till 11 =] except it wasnt enouf for me T_T still so sleepy now. i wasted like a whole hour of sleeping time last night watching a lame tv show -.-"

so went out to bh at 12ishh... walked around waiting for keeam. soo boring cos i didnt c anyone =[ then finally i thought of the bestest place to go - THE FISH SHOP =O half way walking there keeam calls saying he was at bh =[ had to cancel my trip to the fish shop T_T also bought a bubble cup and a large bottle of milk tea. after the bubble cup i didnt feel well and i thinking about the large bottle of milk tea in my bad made me feel sick, and it was also too big and too-roomtaking and guesss wt i did?? I THREW THE WHOLE UNOPENED BOTTLE OF LIKE 1 LITRE OF MILK TEA IN THE BIN!! =O MAN, WT WAS I THINKING?? i think the sleepyness got to me and i couldnt think straight T_T such a waste lor! =.=# OMGSH...QUA...crappy fake advertising! new stock....liars =.="

nicole drove keeam and i to bh. LMAO as jsh was gettin out of the car he like slammed the door on his thigh kakkakak! =D. chinese school was fun XD though we had to sit in the front row.. ROFL at this guy reading =D me and jsh just couldnt stop laughin when he read! ROFLMAOBBQ =] soo funny.

highlight - jsh being a dork and walking sidewards and then this dog barks from behind this gate and jsh runs off the walkpath ROFL

after school walked towards keeams house with david, jsh and keeam. then took bus home. had work till 10. work was alrite i guess cos i worked with ppl that were kool =)

yayy can sleep in tmr!! but then got work T_T. and i got soo mch hw..=[


My House

Well.. QUA was the biggest let down >.> They CLEARLY stated "new stock" yet it was the dissapointment of the world.. It is horrendous the amount of stock avaliable and like.. it was jsut sad...

Chiense school was GAY!!!! They made us have arranged seating was REALLY REALLY STUPID!!!! AND GAYYYYY!! Year 12 and we have arranged seatings.. what gayness....

Anyways... It seems that my hosue has become the stop-over destination for Josh and David... seems after every chiense school class... at least once a fortnight they will jsut crash my house... I dun get it >.<

But yes... Chiense school is homo and Jsh and DAvid are on a date back home.. Strangley enough... its quite entertaining Chiense SChool...

Josh somehow managed to pull his thigh muscle when closing the door... Brendom dyed his hair from brown to HAZLENUT brown... and David kept repeating words behind me when i was reading >.< SO ANNOYING


кééäи тдп

Friday, February 27, 2009


YAY period 1 and 2 and 3 offff on monday =DD but =( for the teachers husband who died...

today had DOUBLE ENGLISH. FUN. was soo long, draggy and boringg -.-" the new bell signals are gayy too...its too 'ear-piercing' =] had double IT. and then lunch time was spent pissing jessica ren off =DD after school had to go home and rdy up for workk.

got to work at 4. worked with wes. his kool =] yet so old...=p then another person came and then ANOTHER. wow 4 ppl in the kitchen lor..we got the job done so fast that we all just stand there =] (or mayb the front crew were just SLOW like all other front crew cos they are incompetant fools) =] nahh there were like 2 newish front crewers.

after work went fungus. ^^" our discussion group is the most awesomest group la.

tomolo chink school! fun =] and QUA got new stock keeam =O i got an email =] must chek out tmr...

anyway, bak to finishing chink hw -.-"



Hmmmmm, I have so much work==" This blog is truning out to be a diary. I posted a secret on my last post and i forgot that people like vanessa and mishi were reading it so i instantly deleted it :p I was rushing back from school yesterday to edit it:p My heart was pounding fast!! I also Found out that one of our teacher's husband died. ==" So sad. So next week monday we have period 1,2 off =] weeee! I mean (face down in sorrow)..

Wednesday Methods test! Thursday Chem Test along with General Maths Advanced. I LOVE YOU CICULAR FUNCTIONS!!! Anywho. If this is only the start of the year, I can't wait how much stress I can handle until the end of my High school days. VCE Yr 11 slowly puts stress on ya slowly, Yr 12 GG! (according to Keean) Esp. Secialist maths and Josh had a hard time on Physics 3&4. And im doing it next Yr. Next Yrs gonna be hard for me. So I shall learn how to love stress! Chinese school towmorrow. This year so far every class is like 30x faster compared with other Yrs.

I haven't been up to date with homework. Actually only for Psychology (fill in) And Myspace for english. Bushfires :S They got to pines! ahh! thats half an hour away from my house. Scary. Our school has renovatioins and If the fire continues to spread and burn down our school. GG! There goes the 4.2 million dollar plan. Well pray that it won't come to bh and lets see what happens.

Have a good one!

Da(ddy's) Vid(eo)~! XD

Thursday, February 26, 2009


IM SOO SLEEPY....i wanted to sleep after school when i came home but i couldnt cos i had stf in my hair and if i slept it wouldd be on the pillow?? so i didnt =[ i have like PANDA EYES...luckily can sleep in on sat and sun ^^"

today....hmm... we had photoess. it took sooo long till it got to had to wait 1.5 hrs -.-" SO SLOW. my photo?? i didnt look at it ^^" prolly gonna be dodgey like the other years LOL especially like yr 9 =/ well one thing im thankful for about the photoes was that it wasted half an hour of our english period!! WOOOT...cos the teachers had to take 'staff photoes' so it went into period 3 aka english =DD.

missed out on chem behind our grade orh. but oh well. just a 1/2 subject =]. period 5 and 6 was 'studying' in the library..not rly cos jess, kwang and e-laine came and non-stop tolk. couldnt study...=S. after school went bokkie. bought sushie and bubble cup =] and bought a new pen -.-" so expensive lor pens at the newsagents...

saw joyce from bhhs and THEN.....she reminded me of the chem prac. OH SHIT..''i havent handed it in''. so called mum to pick me up cos couldnt b stfed busing/walking/training. got there and ms grant were gone =[ no was 4.30. but luckily ms wilko was there =] shes sch a awesome teacher =D i feel so sry for her having jsh and ken these failures ^^V.

must study now =]


Pretty Tiring Week

Hey David Here~!

Photo day just do day. I was practising on my smile this morning for bout' half an hour :p Funny thing is when it got up to the photo man I didn't have a chance to smile cause he told me to say " Go the Bombers!" And Josh told me he had a kinda stoner face. =] He also told me it was Daniels birthday today so..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Anywayz I got tests,tests, Hw, Hw, Results, Results. I'm stressing im not using all my time for studying. Maybe I should cut something back for example loitering? Haha! I had a great day today, hope you had a great day as well guys! Haha feel Soz for Keeans Yr. But I hope all the hard work will pay through!

Monday Test, Wednesday Test, Monday Next Assignment Due, Rawr And Homework In between, It never ends! My little brother is getting quite on my nerves. He's always asking to do things i really dislike doing like helping him tank up, tense this muscle, tense that muscle. Show me this many push ups blah blah blah! ==" No one finds it annoying but me.

Well Sunday is now officially the best day of the week. Yup, I get to sleep in and sleep as early as I want :p Saturday is full on cramming of homework. And I muck around for about an hour, its a weekly habit :p

Well wish none of us get to stressed :p Holidaiiz Plz come soon! I want time to be at the speed of light this year and Times infinity for the next. XD Have a good one!



Now... here's the sad truth about year 12... When we are in Year 7 - 10.. our weekends is a time we can finally ahve fun! Go out on the weekend! Sports! Dota! MOVIES!! but as you enter the final years of life... this occurs... Weekends are not for these sorts of adolencent adventures... not anymore... Weekends are a time.. for us hardworking VCE students to finally... "Catch up on Homework". How exciting. (This is a use of a quip :P) Yes, i propose to you all... This is the sad sad sad (repitition XD) truth that will comform to all of you year 10's and 9's in the future. I love you Generalisation :)

Yes... Jammed packed with chinese school comboed with Spesh tuition on SAturdays... I am simply looking forward to my weekend... As intricate beings... y do i look forward to the weekends anymore.. I do not know... Maybe its spending chiense school with friends and having DAvid do a more ridculous and utterly... hilarious moment of the day... or is it me annoying Brendom until he's going to crack and have multipul break-outs of pimples... or just seeing Josh... nothing to say bout him.. hes to blur...

But yes.. the sad reality of year 12... weekends are for homework.. no outings, or anything... It's jsut a time to hw XD. See how much we love you VCE?

Now... about school.. I can;t really say much about it... cept that spares are for spesh and thinking of reasons why i can't finish my homework or reading manga. Spesh has finally gotten a bit interesting... I actually quite enjoy it now.. goodbye sweet vectors, hello beautiful circular functions. Methods is quite ok... Englsih can be enjoyable and I must say... writing essays is quite fun..Chinese jsut plain sucks and Accoutning... Rofl we ahve a computer SAC lol

Anyway... I found the most awesome song! It's like pro pro!! Its my Kim ft MC Mong called love 119. It's actually so nice! So yes... Homework for all you fans of our blog! You must all go to youtube and watch this mv! And extra task... can u find me the mp3 of this song... i can't find it T_T

I know dilemna after dilemna! Horrifying!!! GAH!

Now.. to end my satirical blog post with a nice happy-ish comment?

And its daniel's birthday today! I knew that long long long time ago XD Actually it occured to me last night but AS LONG AS I REMEMBER! IT IS A START! So happy birthday Daniel... have a seemingly interesting birthday sitting your furhter sac? rofl... enjoy plotting stats and statistics while i compile my circular theorems using sin and cos.

Anywayz.... the homework calls including dinner! Have i told you guys i simply love food... gosh i love food... *drool


Krazy. Exciting. Efficient. Annoying. Me.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


just came bak from a crew trainer interview thingy...was extremely shit. i answered some of their questions so noobishly >.< hopefully i will get it cos then i will have POWER =D have to week like a week though -.-"

anyways...havent blogged for 2 days now i think. not mch happened. day before yesterday got haircut and colour. i think i like the new colour better =] matches eyebrows better kekekke. started playing rakion again!! everyone shuld come play and c if anyone can beat me horhorhor cos i too pro lor ^^"

bak to stopid chem hw -.-" SCHOOL PHOTOES TOMOLO! =O i think we can go during any of our periods between 1 and 4. i wanna go period 3 AND 4 =] so i dun have to go gayy english and gayy chem - even though our class is alrdy like behindd... =p


Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Tired =="zzzzz

I want to blog so I do my homework first. I can never get a decent blog B4 my actually sleeping time. And when I do have time, My brother is busy on his forums untill 11. I HAD 3 computers in my house, untill i decided no more computer games. More time on study. And today Josh comes up wanting to play Rakion. I tried to Depersuade him, but he was stiff as a rock, and then brendan wanted to play as well. Hmph! Im not going into the temtation in playing computer games with friends.

I took an cute photo of Josh today. Aparrently I said I wouldn't post it up. But the picture looks kinda like Josh kissing the air with his eye open. XD~! I wet my $2xx cas Calculator!! It has troubles in turning it off and on and it is suppose to be touch screen but i can't touch it no more! boo hoo.

Well I gotta get healthy habbits and try to sleep earlier.Nite nite everyone!



today i woke up at 11. jacky and my parents went to pick up a family friend to go yum cha...cos our car is 6 seater, they ditched me and i had to catch the bus -.-"

omgsh... Brendom u made my day... that was possibly the single most hilarious thing I've heard all day lol... So unloved >.<>.>

and now for the next 2 weeks... I have no sacs.. til week 6 i have like 3 SACS and week 7, 3 SACS against which is absolute bs lol

So yes... School is a lamer and should rot...

But i have an interesting fact to point out... Did you know that the term "lol" is actually a palindrome XD rofl how cool is that

Good Day to you all


Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hey I'm in such a happy mood~! =]
I found my lost recharger for my mobile phone, and in great joy i lost my phone ~.~
But soon after found it! After using up 2 hours of homework time =="
I thought I dropped my recharger on the feirry from tasmania! Turns out to be in my aunties house! To make a long story short, I was delivering mah jong on my bike to my aunties house for chinese new years so my mum can play. I some how dropped it...

Anyways I'm happy I also found my digimon! I cracked it apart and got the batteries for my Digital watch! I also found my old computer kit. ah~ the good old days when i didnt understand computers and relatives would give me computers and i'd just rip them apart.=]

I had a great week and I hope you guys would get one as well. :p



WORK is now officially kool and good =] why?? cos my manager gives me free food XD.

today i woke up at 11. jacky and my parents went to pick up a family friend to go yum cha...cos our car is 6 seater, they ditched me and i had to catch the bus -.-" but oh wells. went yum cha at fu long. family friends son is rly rly quiett. but yum cha was funn =DD after yum cha we walked around bh...then drove the family friends home.

went to aldi after. then at 6 i went to worked...started an hour early. worked with this guy that im sorta friends with till 8, and then i was a loner T_T. but it wasnt too bad. manager was nice and the new wraps a gayy....i hate them! but they look sexyyy.

anyways should finish some hw now -.-" alrdy 10.40 and i still got english and chem hw and math. 今晚要开夜车.


Saturday, February 21, 2009


i just came back from workk. no more work till tmr 7pm -.-"

today was quite a entertaining day =D. in the morning i woke up at 11. msn'ed and me and jsh spammmed a cbox. kekekkek soo FUN hahhaha.

anyways. went to bh at 12ish. saw lion and dragon dancing raising for bushfire...i donated =DD. caught 1.15 bus to chink school! jsh was alrdy there by the time i got there. then keeam, and then david <---LATE. -tuttut-

chink school was funn..joked aaaround and stf =D. keeam and jsh forced me and david to move cos they were being gay craps. so we moved to the front to do our essay. i think i wrote a very good one today =]

after school went home and did lil hw and spammed a cbox again =] went to work. FOR ONCE I WASNT WORKING ALONE =D! worked with primary school friend which was good cos tolking makes time gooo fasterr. too bad he had to leave earlier cos the manager sent him home T_T worked with this other shitface too =.= i hate working with him cos he thinks his so pro when his not. and theres also these new wraps....well they are just the old deli rolls turned into wraps...i prefer the rolls cos wrapping these wrap piss me off -.-"



Today I woke up at about 10:30 am, best sleep i had in ages. I'm down to just 6 peices of homework, Maths methods- 3 Exerxcises to finish. GMA- also 3 exercises to finish. Psychology- Baby observation experiment project thingy. We study babies =] Chinese- Essay. English- A worksheet and a my space profile o.o Weird teacher. Chemistry- Ch2 questions. Josh is already up to chapter 4! my teacher uses half her time to think up of lame jokes.

My chem teachers Jokes:
1. What is the formula for water? H to O. H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O
2. A proton walks into a bar, proton says should i be here? bartender says im positive.
3. If H2O is the formula for water. What is the formula for Ice? H2O- Cubed

My chem teachers jokes makes me wanna cry =="

Today I went to chinese school. I was late. Josh and Keean was tormenting me and Elizabeth. We all know that she's Brendans girl ==" I LIKE SOMEONE ELSE FOR THE RECORD!
Anywho I did my essay away from keean so he'd stop asking me questions on how to write this character and this charatcer. After chinese school I went home and searched on google for out blog and guess what?! Were on google w00t!

Go on google and search : Brendom_Keeam_Davdom

I wanted to do some homework after but im tired so im going to either sleep or watch a movie.

Have a good one~!


ppl go visit this site =]
go there =D funny lor

Friday, February 20, 2009


WHERE DID ALL MY MATH SKILLS GO?? i use to be soo good at math. if not 100% on a test then at least 99.5% -.-" but now.... 70, 60, 50s!! =O

today i had math test. i did rly bad i think. couldnt use a calculator which didnt help orh -.-"even cheatin didnt help me pass =S....monday when i get my test bak, hopefully it wont b as bad as i expect ah.

double english in the morning was extremely boring. listened to people present there orals the two periods. my oral didnt do too bad =D i still hate them though -.-"

double IT. joy....not -.-" boring as...

fungus ruth, tony and keiths discussion group...very funny group hahahh!! XD.
tmr chink school...hopefully dun needa do this essay thingy...cos i think its class work not home work >.> GG.

study time now!! =D


I got lots of work. Thats all I got to say. My brother is also hosting a forum. My brother thinks im jealous...I don't really care. Anywhos I heard the Quote of the day from brendan.. this is what happen.

Refer to last pot by brendan. You'll understand more =]
around about 1:20 pm at school
Brendan:(Writing formula's on his wrist)
David: Hey brendan!...Hey your cheating! Your not a girl who can write on their wrist, cause the usually wear jumpers covering the formula's.
Brendan: I'm not cheating! Grrr..
David: Fine.
about 3:15pm outside school
David: How did ya go on the test.
Brendan: Aw :( I cheated and I still failed.
David: Your funny brendan XD

Funniest Quote of the day: Aw :( I cheated and I still failed.
hehe funny boi.

I'm tired, schedule packed, I probs can only fit 2 movies in my schedule and 5 meetings before I fall behind my schedule. :p Its tight. Unless I cancel out my dancing. Which I am not. I love it too much! If I ever get my legs broken I would cry... not because of the pain but because I put so much effort in doing the thing I like best!


Thursday, February 19, 2009


T_T...ive got a methods test tmr but its so hard to study for it!! i cbs arghhh...and ive got chem, english, methods and chinese hw to finish...SOOO MCH...OVERLOAD BOOM....
i dislike hw -.-"

and stopid english teacher is making us do a oral tmr!! wth...the other english classes just bludge and tolk the whole lesson and we are given soo mch work - essay, worksheets, oral...DODGEY. ENGLISH IS GAYYY.

today had double accounting in the morning. BORING lor. then had english which was gayy cos she set us a oral task due TOMOLO. then had chem..notesnotesnotes....and WORKSHEET. =.="

i dun think i will be able to complete everything on time. and i got work and chinese school over the weekend -.-" T_T GG. NOOB


Bad Boy T_T

yes yes.... I've blog sequencially, one after another on consecutive days Oo AMAZING!!! THATS LIKE SO FRICKEN IMBAAAAAAAA

But yes... in the result of this... I have like broken every single rule i was meant to keep XD I have drank coffee, resorted to energy drinks, slept at 2am, wagging "PART" of baddy training to do hw, leaving social services a tinsy winsy bit earlier, nearly sleeping in chinese, and making some random excuse to not do my oral in chinese :)

The list goes on! But But.. i have come to the conculsion, this is all SPESH'S FAULT! I should've taken spares as my valentines... stupid spesh >.>


|< 3 e 4 |\|

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


- [Ï]tàdãkïmàsù - life is a good PORKcupine =] says:
omgsh i had such a scary dream yesterday
- [Ï]tàdãkïmàsù - life is a good PORKcupine =] says:
u were evil
K2A is speshing!!! says:
K2A is speshing!!! says:
what did i do
- [Ï]tàdãkïmàsù - life is a good PORKcupine =] says:
u were like all emo
- [Ï]tàdãkïmàsù - life is a good PORKcupine =] says:
and omgsh it was so scary
- [Ï]tàdãkïmàsù - life is a good PORKcupine =] says:
lol i cant remember
- [Ï]tàdãkïmàsù - life is a good PORKcupine =] says:
all i remember was i had to jump out of the car cos u were like suicidal ROFL

Rofl... So now.. If i am emo... I am extremely scary and u might Quote" Jump out of the car"...

extremely weird.... strange Brendom today.. but yes... what a tard

And soz nessa... instead of an apple i decided to make coffee today XD

that is all... i must go back to my sexcy vectors


k2a ⊂ keean


heyy people. how are u all?? hows school or uni or work?? =DD

today i had IT firstly. was okish i guess. cept we had to make a animation using fireworks and i didnt no how >.<>.>

math was boring...tetris XD. had period 4 and 5 free but not period 6!! gayy. went to bh to buy some stationery. came bak end of lunch and then sorta studied during period 5...not rly...40 mins playing tetris and 10 mins hw'ing. period 6 had accounting. had a test thingy. MUAHAH i was the only one that finished it in the class!! felt so pro lor. especially when the teacher goes "WONDERFUL BRENDN!!" =DD wt lil can u expect from a professional accountant like myself?? =D

affter school went home and study!! no. did not. well a bit. tmr i got the gayy subject: english -.-"
and yesterday night i had the freakiest dream...keeam was all emo and he was just freakky....runs nerve up my spine thinking about it =p


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


HOMEWORK BOOM... so mch hw T_T.
just finished doing accounting and i got chem and math!~

got english too! T_T. luckily ms grant was away again...WOOT =] missed double chem today...not so good study wise but very good no-homework wise =DD. had IT and accounting today. IT is actually not bad cos my website is on BLEACH!! the best thing ever created ^^"

double math was boring yet i got quite a lot of work done...actually no, not rly. i played tetris =] soo noob lor...highest is like 7xxx, but high score on my calc is like 11xxx T_T orh. after lunch, went box hill with diana, norman, jsh, jason and ken. went eat dumplings. =D 好吃哦. after went timeout. there was a street fighter machine with 2 credit left! cos the person next to the machine we thought it was his so we had to ask him wether the 2 credit was his. but everyone was too >.> cos he was like =O. so ken and norman played rock, paper, scissors to see who ask. norman lost but he was like "no, brendan didn't play. either we play fair or not play at all." -.-" so i had to play. norman lost again ROFL. then he was like "no, jsh didn't play. either we play fair or not play at all." LMAO... then i think it was ken that lost. i ended up playing the first game of street fighter, then jsh and norman played. i was the only one that won my match horhorhor =].

went library after. left at home and slept cos soo sleepy. hw'ed after and stf...'lie to me' is not a bad show after all XD.



I am Proudly to anounnce that we have 106 VOTES!! W00t! Coming First was Brendan on 66 votes which took about 62% of everyones votes...second comes... ME!! with 20 votes, 18% of everyones votes. Thrid was Keean with 15 votes which is 14%. And lastly was None who was on 5 votes which is 4%

I can't beieve 100+ people visited this blog, hehe. Also we reached 50 posts Yay!~

So celebration to 50 posts, finish of blogs and a start to a long term of school.

Have Fun~!


Secondary and Third Opening

Rofl... Due to DAvid's Expertise in the generous and loving feild of coding... he has decided to surpass me and Brendoms indescribably small understanding in creation of sub blogs associated with the main blog... Therefore, I would like to say... WE HAVE FINALLY OPENED UP A GAMES AND MUSIC BLOG!!!! YAYY

and due to this.. totally irrelevant blog post about my day... I must leave u all... As specialist maths once again calls my name... the hideous sounds of my screeching love of vectors... <3



Don't Hurt Me~! I Hurt Myself :p

==Eh... What a bummer. today was intersting so was monday.. I had an analysis task for GMA.. i don't think i did very well :p I couldnt do the last question.. the analysis task was out of 30... the last quesiton was worth 10 marks.. GG! We were playing touch down Rugby.. I ran with the ball and without looking i ran into this metal template which was the height of around about 4 metres... It almost fell, but the concern should be on me, i hit head first! Ouch! So i sucked up, acted like a man and didnt cry... I helped prevent the template from falling. It was a 3 man job.

Today something rather interesting happened :] At lunch time when I was practising dancing in the hall. I recieved a ball from the people playing soccer. I picked it up and i wanted to throw it somewhere where they had to go somewhere else to get it. So they wouldn't kick it back up on stage for a while. And because It was dark I couldn't see a thing, I pulled back my arm, threw the ball and...BAM! I hit something. I went closer to see what I hit..JOSH!! Ack! I hit Josh's Poor Innocent Face. Dont hurt me peoplez!~ =[


Monday, February 16, 2009


k2a Daily Quote: 2+2=5
Brendom's Quote: 1+1=11 (fob Much?)

ahhh i have been neglecting posting on this blog for a while... But now.. I AM FREE FROM MY ENGLISH SAC W0000000000000000000000T!!! SO YEH! So great to get it over with.. man.. it was soooo lame... hated it lol.. stressful >.< i got so much pimples... i look like brendom now XD

Well... on friday went Fungus which was pretty awesome, then comboed with Chinese School was jsut as awesome! Before Chiense school, me and Jsh went valentine day shopping which was... very long omg... Jsh was so gay... he like boguht this awesome gift... so like... we had to out do him... what a poofter >.> Anyway i boguht like the most awesome present for qiqi cause of my vis-com proness and just awesome interllectual... i constructed a present + stole some of Jsh stuff

After that went Chiense school... but we were like 30 min late cause we missed the bus >.<>.> and then complain more that we wlak for too long >.> well.. we ended up gettin to Chinese school well on time... not really but we tried XD

After that.. Jsh came over and then Brendom came after (for some random reason)... we got ready for Bibi's awesome b'day party.. GO KOREAN FOOD! and we both perfected our presents XD so that was always exciting...

6.30 we got to box hill... and people stared at us... with our formal attire >.< aiyooo so scaryyyy *rage much :( and then after eat eat eat chat chat chat picture picture dessert picture and then Qiqi nearly killing my phone... we went back home... And then Jsh stayed the night

SUnday now XD had Sunday SChool which is always a pleasure to do and then home where i absolutely HARDCORED SPESH AND METHODS so i can paly soccer at night... Went tuition then soccer! Our first game for the season! Lost 6-5 which was sad :( but twas alright

And yeh... pretty much now to where i am... stuck into blogging now... But i must say.. i have achieved something exponentially AWESOME today! I have survived 2 weeks without the need for coffee AND I'm sleeping for the first time before 11pm FOR aGES!!!!! which rocks!

So yes...

Happy 16th Birthday Bianca! and and Happy 17th Birthday Marie!

yes yes... I'm finally done.. engouh of my rant of a blog post to make up for the lost couple of blog days... But I would like to mention the sky was really nice today... too bad was smokey... enough now


kee kee


=O so tired and sleepy. i want holidays now so i can sleep ^^".

monday...dodgey day cos i got every subject todai. luckily first period ms grant was still away. i no its not rly a good thing study-wise, but it NO CHEM HW lor =D. hopefully she is away tmr cos we have double chem! IT was boring, like every other IT class. started webpagin orh...

math did nothin. started playing tetris again =D not a good thing now that its a 3/4 subject, but i cbs working -.-" accounting was boring, and so was english. luckily no english till like thursday i ThinK =] after school got home and did a bit of hw la... then at 4.30 i went to my crew trainer meeting!! =O

managers just tolked about the expectations and establishing a good crew training team, etcetc....BENEFITS!! =D pay rise!! special uniform etcetc! ^^" man wen did i get so talented =O horhorhor.... i was like the youngest (work experience wise) there which was scary, cos the rest of them are scary too.

anyways. got home and studied!! not rly =S. i watched tv. and only got like one chapter of math done in 5 hours ^^V. oh well. w/e i dun care anymore...well at least not today...

good luk to keeam on his english sac!!


Sunday, February 15, 2009


woah. i just found my long lost cousin....on facebook. well she found me. not rly long lost but we just havent seen or tolked to ech other in yrs! so its great communicating again ^^"

today was quite a non-studying day...well this weekend actually. woke up at 11ish today. ate lunch and bummed around. did a LIL bit of homework. work called at 2.30 to ask me to start earlier. so went in at 3. work wasnt too bad. customers werent all fatties like last time and order a million burgers ech. but the kitchen was soo stuffy and hot. couldnt breath orh.

manager asked me if i wanted to leave early and i said yeh. then she comes bak in and says, "can u stay till ur normal time" -.-" damm. got home at 8ish and ate dinner. bummed on computer and gonna do some hw now


Bored => Rage => Motivation

Rite after Blogging I Got bored real fast so I decided to go on google to see if were on google yet. And then There was 1 search results! It was from Ken's Blog! Rawr! Ken's Blog got to google before us! I was soon after motivated so i deleted the google connect application and added a follower application so if are a follower of this then sign up! It only takes like 5 seconds! But if u are capped it would take bout 30 seconds!

So Blog hard, Study codes! Study Maths, english, science, wtvr. Btw everytime Brendan types lor. or orth, its kinda annoying, see how you like it brendan orth. see it doesnt suit me lor. XD

We as a team (Brendom, Keeam, and Davdom) Have decided to Make this blog more interactive, we shall add a page just for games, so when your bored just go play games XD, and a Link to download some of our music, and add some music requests! We are also gonna add a forum! Making this more interactive and fun!
~Bored so Blog, Blog to Entertain, Entertain to Blog, Blog so Bored~


Saturday, February 14, 2009


happy valentine day to everyone!!
for those that found their second half then 希望你们相亲相爱.
for those that still havent found their second half then 希望你们早日找到另一半!! ^^"

anyways. today woke up at 11ish. bummed on computer and stf until 12ish then caught bus to bh for chink school! =DD. got there and i walked around bh for a bit, buying a note pad =[ SO EXPENSIVE! like $7 for a lil note pad. but its kool. cos its small and compact =p. anyways. missed my bus =[ gayy. like one bus every hour! =.=" so bummed around bh for a bit moree. then caught the 1.15 to chink school. half way to chink school, keeam calls. LOL he missed the bus =] the bus that i was taking at that moment XD. told me to make up a lie for him..tut tut. got to school and classroom was swapped to another room. spent like 10 mintues trying to find the room -.-" david was alrdy there when i got there. room was a bit hot and stuffy so teacher asked david to go ask someone to check the ventilation (空调). so i went with david.
that fool =]
david: "我们可以要一个空调?"
principle/coordinator/scary lady: "可以“看”空调吗?"
david that 傻孩子, thought ventilation was fan/air condition

like 10-20 minutes after, jsh and keeam came..真坏学生 =p! teacher just tolked about the stf she alrdy tolked about last week so it was borinngg...keeam kept stealing my milk tea -.-" and he even want throw my country road bag out the window -.-" had to write an essay after in like 40 minutes. i think i went over the time by baout 5ish minutes. but compared to david and finished like 30 minutes over the time limit 两只超慢的乌龟 =]. but my essay was soo dodgey. so basic. like grade prep standard -.-" but first time within the word limit =O! 听写!! i actually studied my first time in 10 or so yrs of chinese -.-!

after school, davids mum drove jsh and keeam to keeams house and me to bh cos i gonna go dinner at 6. so stopid me -.-" shoulda got off at keeams house too. cos most of the shops were alrdy beginning to close at bh and i had nothing to do, and i ended up walking bak to keeams house anyways lah cos i had to pick up a print-off. stayed there till 6 watching keeam and jsh be clowns and preparing...kakakkaka

had dinner with chu fang, kylie and them after at little lamb. bought a rose for "老婆"...stopid matt..was meant to buy one for grace orh -.-#. went to little lamb to eat dinner. hot pot =] but OMGSH. after i successfully lost 3kg we go and eat hot pot!! =[ and its buffet hot pot tooo!!!! oh well. it was yummy lor^^" but.. ='[ cos chu fang's 表哥 worked there, he kept asking the waiters to bring food up for us. we only ordered like 10 dishes mayb...but ended up with like double triple that keekekeke!! =DD soo full after gonna boom (LOL, boom. reminded me of today in chink school when jsh was finding fried (BOOM) chicken) =D.

grace came after we finished dinner. was gonna go eat (we watch her eat), but dunno wt happened. saw old friend from chinese school. woah his so "unique". goes into a alcohol woolworths store and gets told to go, then he goes bak in and buys a environmentally friendly bag... =SS. but his quite kool. funny person lor XD

also, when we were all just standing there talking, this random black guy just comes up to us and starts full on swearing like !@#$%^&*()_+ non-stop lor. it was like he wrote a script and has been practicing for years cos he full on swear non-stop and it sounded rly pro and no mistakes or stopping, and the swear words sorta linkedd....ROFL....but he was CRAZY man. like stand there swearing for 10 mins. and he leaves then friggin comes bak and full on swear again. then leaves again, and he was like 100 metres away from us and he starts swearing at us from there again -.-" everyone just stop and stare. i think he had something against asians cos he was baggin asians. mayb he should leave bh cos bh is like asian-only... =]

went to our 'usual spot'. then we hear that guy again from far away so we went into safeway to prevent any bloodspill...yeh cos his head wouldve been chop off and kicked around wif all the asians around kekeke.

while waiting for my mum i suddenly so hungry orh. how can i stilll be hungry after the bigg dinner lor?? got home and ate watermelon ^^" bummed on computer and stf. should do some hw but i rly cbs orh!! -.-"

tmr got work zZzZ. cannot be bothered. havent worked for like 5 days and i rly cant be stfed going bak to work. but i should. cos monday i have a crew trainer meeting! wooot. successfulll. 我成功哦 =). hehehehhe

i just got a 5 min valentine!! ^^" and then i dumped then. I DUMPED U FIRST!! XD



Today, I had chinese school. I arrived at about 1:00 when we usually start at about 1:30 but i had to get some payments in. Ack I probab;y had the worst chinese class ever. 0.0 I was reading this example essay and i was unable to read some words. Aw i sucked hardcore. I even had to refer to keeans notes ==" Keean was being evil at one of our breaks, he was about to drop brendans country road bag out of the window, I know keean wouldn't do it but brendan thought he was going to. Aw I was writing an letter to 小明. Set time :40 minutes. It took me about an hour! Fail! I usually take half an hour, Rawr! Rage man. I gotta study hard. I have to put more effort and more time on chinese! Hmm, Stress levels already building up. Brothers getting annoying, School Work stacking up and Expectations of family and relatives are rising.

im invisible ,Well it makes everything in life easier because =] No Girl can see me! So they wont distract me. So pure study! Heres the plan, study, Get 50 for all subjects go to canbridge uni and study medical law, invent this thing that cures everything. Get the money and use it to gamble! Then I'll be gambling unitll Im richer than Bill Gates Bwahaha! Actually I'd prob get like 35-40 Avg. But my subjects get scaled so becomes 45+ XD~! Then over score becomes 96+. I wanna be an engineer. dunno what kind but anything will do. If im a computer engineer I would build the best computer for myself! Bwahaha!

Keean shall be an architect or a business man and build an awsome house or buy one and brendan will be an accountant so he can manage our money, Lots and Lots of money!! And I'll Earn all the Ka-ching! by building and selling all my comps! Bwhahaha! What a perfect life that would be. And if anyone of us move out then they'll get 33.33% of what we have.

well I should stop day dreaming and start making a reality so I gotta study hard, blog, dance, wtvr. Work Hard! ~o.o~ Cyaz





Friday, February 13, 2009

Week Over

Aw man, I had a bummer week, I think I made alot of enemies this week. Not many people like me and i feel invisible... Today me and josh went to this hair cut shop to see Daniel's hair cut, and we saw Grace, I said hi but she didnt reply ==" when he had a break from his one hour hair cut, he said hi to everyone but me!!! I can't seem to fit in any where. Josh has this really funny habit of changing personalities when he's around different type of people. If he's with gangster he all of a sudden becomes gangster, if he is around nerds he becomes nerddy and thinks he can do all the maths.. well try to, esp. asking me questions then answering it for himself. And if he's around whoever yeah you get the point, so every perspective everyone thinks he all good, but i know the real josh..he he he >=] When josh isn't aound im not invisible. I think the attention is all drawn to him. No offense Josh. I'm just jealous. =]

Anywho, I got chink school tomoz so i got to study for 听写, I wanna be better than brendan at chinese. Something tells me this year Keean's chinese is gonna sky rocket out to INFINITY AND BEYNOD!!! I have some difficulty reading some words but like they say practise makes perfect, so im gonna get near perfect =] Well thats all for now See ya's



LOL. friend just asked me the most stopidest question.

friend: "do u no anyone from melbourne high?"
me: "yeh."
friend: "who? boy or 'GIRL'?"
=p rofl.

anyways. today is friday. prolly the most boringest day of the week. 为什么?cos i have the dodgiest subjects today. was late for school..well just a bit cos i didnt realise the time. had english first two which meant LATE PASS if u came later than the teacher which is very very posssible cos she like gets there an hour before the class starts -.-"...luckily there was still a class having form assembly in there so everyone, inc. the english teacher was waiting outside. i swear she gave me the evil stare when i arrived to class cos i was late, yet she couldn't make me get a late pass cos everyone was still outside.

did some language analysis stf.....无聊哦...yet im soo bad at it. me, andrew and jini are just sitting there confused makin up the most stopidest points lor. next two period was IT. BLUDGE....IT is like for errr....yehh.... =D cant believe im doin that subject ah -.-" teacher was like "do u guys want me to give u the answers to all the unit 1 work?" =S. instant pass ^^V. yet that pass is gonna be hard. haf to survive a whole yr in that place.

anyways. had free period 5. saw frances so walked with her. period 6 math. boring.

went to library after school with david and jsh. stayed for like 10 minutes then go home. went fungusss. soo fun XD had great time lah. sore throat though now =[ needa drink lemon tea or chysanthemnum (the white flower) tea =D i hear it help orh...

needa study for chink 听写 for tmr. must not cheat and write on table or on paper again kekeke =] good old chink schoool times.

p.s. hope 默默得人 will feel better ^^"


Thursday, February 12, 2009

12.02.09 amm i rlly that bad at math lor??

firstly, grats to david on achieving good mark on his test. though he beat me =[ i only got like 90% on that first test..linear equations...>.< dun even tolk about AGM -.-".

anyways. today was such a boring day. well pretty mch everyday this yr is -.-" without food tech and chinese... had double accounting first two periods. such a boring class -.-#. then english was even more boringer. i hate english. and tmr i got a double! o ohh =O. after english was umm..chem. was hoping we didnt have to do anything in chem and just bludge around cos we had a sub. but...someone said we had a prac to finish so we had to finish it =S damm. i think that will mean we have to have a prac report handed in to her by next week. CBS ah. i was expecting it to be due next next week T_T. but the prac was cool. cos it was colourful. flame test. one of the salts made a green, blue and yellow flame =DD.

had double free after so went bh. went to QUA and bought a jacket thingy. 35% discount XD. $xxx dollar =]. ok orh. went home by 2.30. early for me la.

studystudystudy afterwards. nahh not rly lor. cbs studing -.-" but i will =]



Rawr! Today I did my first methods test...The revision was like crazy hard and the test was donut easy.. but i made a stoopid mistake. Equation: 3x=6 ... what does x=? I wrote down 3... Okay double check work... 3x=6.. x=?...3?! My gosh.. Once i got my test Back Rawr!!! Out of all the questions in the world why does 6 divided by 3 have to equal 2 ==" but if 3 was 2 then everything will be less in quantity.

It was nice to know that my methods class is a smart class. =] over 3 people got 100% >.>Class Avg 91 %I beat brendan in methods test by 3% woot!! Brendan beat Jsh By 4 % i think. Im jealous of course. I could of gotten 100% due to that Stoopid mistake. So I remind you guys if you see 6 / 3 in your life the answer is 2 not 3!!

From David

Yay.. Happy Happy cheerful blog post =)

Well... i can sum up year 12 in like 3 words.. IT IS CRAP =)





From Keean

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tiresome week

It's so bad, this whole week and the week before i've been pile by loads of homework..(even though some of them aren't due till like next month) i've been cramming trying to finish all my work for some break to blog! So i gotta work, blog, blog,work,work,blog.. so tiresome.

I funny thing happened this week. My methods teacher wasnt in a very good mood. me and my classmates came in and a sat down. he started telling us to turn to chapter 10 of out maths book... then he started writing down stuff bout surds on the white board. He wrote 2 white boards filled with notes, we all copied it down, then we ask him quesitons about the test we were gonna have which was easy arithmitic test. then he paused...GG!!! My gosh! we had to rip like 2 pages out of useless notes. another funny thing was it was yr 10 maths! and josh didnt remeber a thing!

Anywho books and paper sheets and words are all collapsing on me and brendan was no help... only for chemistry. Well i had a good week so far and i hope you'd get a good week too!

From David



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fee Fii Foo Fum... I smell food

I really crave... a donut lol... like in a spur of the moment... while relaxing with a new episode of big bang theory... i really want... a donut. NOT jsut any donut... but a krispy kream donut.... full of sweetness and goodness that even the heavens want... Nothing fancy.. no strawberry toppings or cream.... just a plain krispy kream donut.. all for the tender price of $2? I think.. But life sucks and i have no donut T_T So i managed to find a replacement... Oranges :)

I also really want English is dig itself into a hole and ill fill it up with Gasoline and then make it drown and then ill burn it... I HATE ENGLISH!!! OMG I HATE IT!!! Like... i swear... out of all the subjects in the world... English sucks the most... like.... ITS HORRENDOUS!! ITS GAY!! NO ONE LIKES IT!! IT SHOULD JUST BURN!

Why can't language be maths... I love maths more then English... if the world was maths... everythin could be solved with numbers... even pick up lines :)

"You are cos squared... I am sin squared.. together.. we are 1"

Subsquently... if the world was all maths... Haney would die lol... Her passion for hating maths is like people entering the superbowl... But then again... maths = EVERYTHING... jsut like in specialist maths where you just so happenly want to find the volume that a shadow made by a tree covers.. which is pretty interesting :)

Which makes me conclude with this.... I picked up spesh again... sorry HANEY!! Your hours of ranting about fobs and nerds doing spesh and further hasn't paid off... I'm easily swayed gg!!


T to the A to the TAN MAN!

K2A is >.< c="38]°°»[/c]" c="40]ii[/c]з」" c="38]°°»[/c]" c="40]ii[/c]з」">.< says:
if its 45 do i get dinner?
- [c=38]°°»[/c] *「ja[c]K_[c=40]ii[/c]з」 ♥ G-Ri; says:
- [c=38]°°»[/c] *「ja[c]K_[c=40]ii[/c]з」 ♥ G-Ri; says:
crown buffet!


From Keean



man. got a call before and it was a private number call. so i didnt pik up cos i thought it was someone asking for me to cover their shift. ended up it was a manager informing about crew training and wether wanno do crew training etcetc!! OMGSH. I WANT MY CREW TRAINER POSITION! >.<>> basic stf. boring. DOUBLE MATH WOOT. not -.-" had a test. got it bak and mark was reasonable cept it was linear equations and functions which doesnt mark the mark as reasonable. didnt have double chem cos ms grant wasnt here. so had freesss. chatted with frances and jsh during period 5 and then went with frances to her peer support lesson. so unprepared that group orh. played 2 extremely draggy games of dodge ball with just 3 balls >.< but it was still fun cos i havent played since yr 8ish ^^".

after school went home. was gonna study but was tooo asleep and went to asleep. =]


p.s. front counter is for PIGS that need to keep an eye on or else they eat all the food.
thx david for ur contribution to the blog =]

From Brendan


Today at school, I was expecting brendan to tell me how much of a good job i did at the blog... but it seems like everyone hateed it ==" i think brendans favourite colour is brown...because he has brown hair, brown country road bag, brown clothes, and a brown blog! or maybe he's obsest with the letter "b"... well when i went back i instantly changed everything almost back to how it was.. i just wanted to keep the theme. And for the record i am not gay >=[ (refer to chat box)

Okay from now on i'll only add or remove stuff with davdom, keeam and brendom's permission...The rules should apply to all 3 of us.=] Well I enjoy this "blogging thing" and I hope you enjoy it to.. Cause some day this will be the most searched..most looked up, and most popular link in THE WHOLE WORLD!! XD

Monday, February 9, 2009

Purple... Pink.. Red... Heart... The colours of David

Well... I would jsut like to re-affirm my status as not being associated into choosing the blogskins currently at present... but only responsible of what is being written on the sides and on my blog XD

BUT SERIOUSLY?!?! A PINK ! A PURPLE!! A HEART!!! PINK AND WHITE STRIPES?!?! COME ON T_T we are so not on our way to affirming our goal of attaining top blog in the planet (ahead of pornography YES!)

But yes >.<





New Blogger

I never had permission to change our blogger from brendan i just did it with the keeans permission. Dont want brendan to be angry ....

Well anyways Enjoy XD!@

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dan Den Din Don Dun

Daily Quote for today: "In many cases, the more you try to compete, the less competitive you actually are" Thats to all u VCE people!!! PLAY NICE!

I would like to formally welcome our newest asset (liability) into out blog... DAVDOM WONG, a fantastic coder with 1 hour experience on an online tutorial is enough to significantly enhance our blog status and we are once again on our way to attain top place in most searched link on the web XD

yes.. today was cool which is a brilliant change... hot weather is absolutely crapness.. like seriously... it is like crap beyond crap.. like that heat yesterday was a standard where all crapness should be measured against like HSM 3 :P I know i shouldnt punch at a movie that where all crapness originated from but shucks it was bad.

Well this morning went to church which was interesting... i got hit alot.. i dunno y though >.> afte rthat went home.. did my ENGLISH ESSAY AND THE TEACHER WASNT THERE CAUSE HE WAS ON HOLIDAY IN QUEENSLAND and also my English Speech which is totally L to the 3 to the l33t l33t!

AFter that home.. went dinner and then omgsh HW!!! DIE HW!!! Had a quick chat to Jaymee which was pretty fun and then now... back to hw and blogging... how exciting

They should make a TV Show... the daily life of a Year 12... a life of absolute pain where he experiences heat waves and deprived amounts of sleep and incummbent amounts of hw T_T How i joy for this life to be apparent to others

Time is of the essences ppl >.<



today was orignally gonna go glen chinese new year festival thingy, buh started to rain. and sorta couldnt b stfed too cos i got heaps of hw tooo. so didnt go. read bit of the growing up asian in australia book...still havent finished it after a week >.<>.> borinngggggg i dun even no wt i was writing about lor. why is english even a subjecct ah?? make life harder for me.

basically today study and other stf. accounting is so boring at this stage -.-" all the practical exercises are like theory exercises and u hav ta write and write and write words ==.

tmr school is gonna be gayy. cos i have all the subjects. bag gonna boom with all the books in it.

yayy i found someone to work my shift on sat ^^". kekekke. hopefully will not have to work again next next week. haveta wait till rosters are up which is about tomolo.

btw thx david for the coding work =DD



Yesterday nite was the biggest bummer... I thought brendan was a coding pro, but he wasn't==" so i went on the net searching for a coding tutor. i found the online tutor and it took me about an hour to learn the basics. IT WAS SO HARD!! I nearly died it was like an endless algebra question. with all these symbols <>/:"{}?% seriously its gonna take me a semster to be a real pro =="

Anyways I wanted to type up a blog about soccer day on friday. But scince i wasnt part of keeam and brendoms blog at that time i am doing so now. before the soccer game me, keean, josh and me went to eat dinner at bh. we ordered a whole duck, gai lan and iced tea. 3 of them. I only had $2.10 in my pocket and a piece of gum wrapped in a tissue,eww i wonder how that got there o.o?
anywho we manage to finish the whole duck (i dont know bout you but i was stuffed) and now i owe keean about $15 for paying for me.ggness i have like no money. we walked to aqualink. hoping that soccer was indoors for once. but it wasnt. i didnt have any shoes to play soccer in. so i was desperate aasking nearly everyone for a pair of shoes.

Josh the wonder boy had an extra pair of shoes...size 8 and 1/2. gg. i usually wear size 9 and 1/2 sport shoes or size 9 converse. You had to make the shoe loosen to the max. the first few minutes of playing wasnt so bad. but as time gradually does the pain. The one time when i was goal keeper josh come in trying to shoot a goal and i toe bash the ball..OUCH! Well everything was fine. i didnt bleed or anything. everyone was had fun. those who were offside play tennis.

Well thats my report for friday..not much interesting stuff but just a fill in for today =]

Saturday, February 7, 2009


wow...was it rly 46. w/e degrees today?? woah. i thought it was like 43 degrees... wasnt that hot today anyways compared to the other three 40+ days last week or last last week. whenever they were >.>

woke up and headed to chink school - mt waverley compus. got there by 9.30ish and un-enrolled from the school.

=[ so sorry damon. wanted to stay with u till the end of chinese yr 12 or at least do two chink schools but that would be too tiring and stf T_T if u need help with chinese u can stilll ask me =]] hope u will not hate me for ditching u after nearly 12 yrs of chink school together. but it was hard decision orh ='(.

went to IGA and bank to withdraw money and get peach tea after unenrolled. jsh and nicole came to pick me up from mt waverley after and we went to koonung cos jsh sitll havent enroll lor. man. took soo long -.-" wouldve been shorter if jsh didnt leave the line and then others pushed in! =.=" wasted another ticket of my 10x metlink card thing =[ oh well hahah.

bus'ed to bh to meet up with keeam who was lunching with his dad. david came tooo. managed to persuade mum to lemme go koonung =] well not rly persuade....sorta -> paid school fees ->too late to unenroll or do anything about it ^^" went bak to keeams house after and then went to chink schoool. stopid chinese school lady/teacher/manager/pesident or whoever she is. thought keeam, i, jsh and david were waggin since teacher left us out of class early -.-" and then told us off when we were discussing an answer to something cos she thought we were tolking while teacher was =.= lammee.

but chink school was fun!! =D ROFL AT DAVID AT START OF THE CLASS.
david, "im in yr 12."
jsh, keeam, me, "NO UR IN YR 11"
david, "no im in yr 12"
GG =.="
hahha so funny lah
kakaka. no needa wag this yr cos waggin will definately be more boring then if i went to chink school cos its fun =]]]. studied the stories in the txtbook. LOL at keeam =DDDD so 笨 =O hopefully future chink school lessons gonna be as fun =D i dun think i made the wrong decision...

after school, davids mum drove jsh and i to bh. got bubble cup and walked around bh. got home around umm...5.30ish. studied and stf =p

note - 仅仅 pingyin - "jinjin" not "youyou" =D


Chinese School =]

Hey!David here. Unbelievable yeah? Well Yeah. Forget about me and lemme tell you my life story(its been a real bad habbit). Today was a crazy day. I had chinese school today and i set a really bad example. I rocked up to chinese school with this funky hair style and i was all cool and stuff. the teacher wanted the whole class to introduce themselves so i naturally got picked by the teacher to start. So she asked a simple question in chinese, what was my day school year level. Josh was telling "Yr 11" and keean, which was across the room was raging "Yr 11!!" I how ever had a mental blank. we all get mental blanks every now and then but there are many names for it such as day dreaming, and gazing upon the teachers face. I said yr 12 anyways. I got owned.

Later on we recieved our text books. we analysed the first text and there was this charatcer that looked like this"仅仅" Brendan the super awsome mega pro chinese dictionary said it was"you you(chinese pin yin)" which was later on wrong. corrected by keean and the teacher. It was "jin jin" which he was completly wrong!!! Keean also soon had his embarrassing moment when he had trouble reading the text. If you ever saw his book you would see all there highlighted words all over the page. highlighted as in he didnt know these characters and he wasnt able recognise them. Josh however was more of a background person. He didnt seem to have any problems so i just want to randomly add something what Josh always does to me.
Josh:Hey,David how do you do this equation?
David:um, let me see...(inturrupted by Josh)
Josh: If we multiply this here
David: I think if we...(inturrupted by Josh again)
Josh: then we factorise this
David: eh, am i the one......(inturrupted by Josh again)
Josh: and expand this then this should be the answer! Thanks David.
David:Yeah wtvr ==".


HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!! IT WAS BURNING TODAY!!! 46.1 degrees wOOt... victory... a new record broken, a new day shone and a new fire on our way XD But shucks... the amount of fires that were close... GG liao.. There was one in Pakenham T_T scaryyy

But apart from the heat there was chiense school! OMGSH the lady... was soooo gay... she thought that me jsh brendom ad david were wagging class and like scolded us.... and then in class we were discussing how to reply to our teachers question.. she tells us to be quiet and lsiten to the teacher?! OMGSHWTHBBQROFLMAO.. ROARR.. but chink school was good... learnt lots of chinese with the help of air-con! Go awesome government funded schools :)

Anyway... I WANT TO ADD MUSIC TO THIS BLOG!!! It's so quiet and like blandddd.... bit boring ain't it? well.. for starters... i cannot do codes to save my life which is a shame like my cooking... and yeh! I want to upgrade this blog... Go Brendom!


I FINALLY WATCHED HSM 3!! After tons of procastination and reviews from friends... I have finally done the deed of watching this... Now.. how would i rate this fantastic show... against all of its fan-girls and young 10 yr olds wanting to marry effron... Unfortunately.. the show was absolutely horrific... not even Zac or Vanessa could save this apitamy of horrendousness... This show should be placed into a little box and chucked into a black hole.. never to be seen again...

But seriously.. in all honesty... the scene change from song was like LOL... like randomly in the classroom and then it turns into a theater... rofl.. and omgsh.. Zac Effron did the most funny overacted scene ever lol... he was like bout to cry...

I should stop here before people start sending death threats.. EKK >.<

Friday, February 6, 2009


so lil time to blog nowadays cos of school -.-" cos if i do stop doing hw and blog, ill prolly end up doin other stf on the computer too and end up wasting like hours...

anyways. today was such a drainer day. had double english where we had class discussions. was towards the end of period and i had succesfully got away with not answering the question. THEN...stopid english teacher asked me a question -.-" just shook my head and say i dunnoed.

double IT yet another bludge and drainer. no one even does work in that class. yet if i dun do work, how to survive it? cbs playing games cautiously, having to hide the screen whenever the teacher is near...too mch effort orh.

lunch went down to shell to buy friend lunch. wow, its like the new canteen. everyone is down there even midget yr 8, 9, 10s when only vce are meant to be down there. but i dun think the teachers care. had a free period 5 and 6. period 5 cos teacher was away. went to chinese class cos i missed it so mch T_T. old times chinese class. so bludgey and fun kekek. after school went to bh. walked around and stf with jsh and david. went to best food gallery to meet with jason and stf. thought of ordering dumplings then david, "i no a better place and its cheaper" (something like that), so we left to go to that other place. result? it was the same price LOL.

went to a mobile phone dealer store cos david wanted to get a charger. hahah.
david: "hi, i apparantly lost my charger blahblahblahblah"....telling his life story rofl.
david: "do u have a charger for the nokia six three hundred?"
dealer: "u mean the sixty three hundred?"
david: "no the six three hundred."
LMAO. gg.

went bak to best food gallery after o.0 lol. jsh and david had dumplings, while keeam and i went to safeway to buy phone recharge. went to library after and did ''some" hw. not rly >.> waited for david to return from going bak to his long ah.

went to 鸿图 to eat after. ordered a whole duck hahha. but managed to finish it ^^". after dinner, went home and did some hw.

gnaoeihgiwngopawemng so bored. but must continue studying to prove to ppl that i can be persistant =]. well only needa study for another 2 days rly to prove to them =]


Brendom did this

2 +2 = 4

that is all :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Year 12

While Brendom is having an exhilarating time at school with bludge I.T classes and double in the afternoon... I'm about to destroy the world with my bare hands... simply put.. year 12 English sucks :) I have a sac next week on an oral which is just so BADDDD T_T I dunno waht im doing

AND i have a further test tommroow with a calculator which doesnt exactly create histograms or box plots! So yeh.. I'm dead

AND i have Chinese homework which should jsut be decimated for the good of the planet as chiense is gay >.< But chiense school with Brendom and David shall be fun :)

AND Accoutning is boring T_T

AND Methods.. ohh boy here it comes.. another horror subject but it is actually pretty fun! It's actually not to bad so yeh... can't complain there... See got you there... using an English device caused by repetition and.. aww I'm to tired to type the rest >.<

So there you have it.. the glorious life of a year 12 simply put in a nutshell. Said to be the best year, an absolute nourishment and enrichment of life some might say, well... It can be.. If you want it to be... oh wellz... English here i come XD

totes (thank you urban-dictionary)

Actually... whats with the "wishlist" thing down below... its so random... plz fill me in someone XD


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


so mch work alrdy T_T and its only the first week ah -.- english tmr and i havent even finished reading the book....english teacher gonna chop my head off. at least i have last two periods which should be good =D.

today had math first period. new topic..test next week >.> gg. period two was chem. hahaha at ms grants joke to norman ROFL. shes soo pro lor. IT third period. very very bad class. i dun even no wt the teacher is telling us to do >.< i started working on the work on the sheet, but then teacher is talking about a task completely different..wt da. had two frees after which was sorta gay cos it meant i had to come bak period 6.

went to bh to eat with jini, will, george and jeffter. had spaghtti (cannot spell >.<). period 6 had accounting. bludge...revising unit 1 stf -.-" oh well. at least i dun have to pay attention.

been sorta doin hw after school =] finished accounting. but chem im quite behind more math for the week is a good thing at least cos no more new hw and new stf ^^". chinese school sat. should be fun, and i got no work after! =] though its apparantly 43 degree on dat day aww =(

thx andrew for swappin' lockers =]

Monday, February 2, 2009

02.02.09 - first day of school!!

today was da first day of school. was very excited kekekek. had assemblies for like half that day - form, yr lvl and senior assembly.

omgsh. ive got the dodgiest lockers T_T theres like 100+ lockers all shoved into a portable GG. soo cramped and =.=. and u no wt. they are the dodgey lockers too that the yr 7's to mainstream 9s get! i miss my yr 9 and 11 lockers =[ they were big and new and green...

teachers this yr....not bad study wise. but leisure and muck around/humour wise..... 0.1/10 =.=" math and english teachers are previous ones that i had in yr 8 and 9. cant believe the english teacher still remembers my name =O.

studied today after school hahha. dunno how long i can keep it up for. prolly cbs studying by the end of this week or mayb even soooner knowing me LOL! >.<

p.s. 默默的人 dw im sure they will find a XXL shirt for u =pp

w00t school!

Finally, at last Year 12 has finally occurred to me... the final stride in high school, the year that shall determine your uni, relectant yet hopeful.. we all take those step forward day by day (teonaka XD) but yes.. first day back.. insane amount of work! Ill et bog shall be diminishing over the course of the year T_T

w00t! I OFFICALLY DROPPED SPESH!!! (After like 16 weeks of debating) Luckily for me now I dun have my English and Spesh exam on the same day! Everything is nicely set out into individual days :) But i could change this decision in the next couple of days to the dismay of my head of year who nearly killed me for choosing further maths >.<

School wasn't bad... wasn't hot... didnt need to wear ties which is always a plus but yeh.. nothin left to blog... cept...



Sunday, February 1, 2009


was sooo excited about school. but all of a sudden im sorta thinking bak on the holidays and thinking about how mch i will miss them and all the hours of deprived sleep when school comes T_T. oh well. but i think wanting-to-go-to-school outweighs the not-wanting-to-go-to-school =]

so today was quite a tiring day. went to city at 12ish. watched the lion dancing for a majority of the time cos i missed out on the lion dancing during the box hill and springy festivals. the lion dancing - WAHHH sooo pro and kool XD. i wanna be the drummer cos the drums are so awesome toooo lor....lalalaaalalal.

touched the dragon head so hopefully will bring me some luck this yr hahahha. didnt get to c mch of this dance where the lion was catching an eel cos it was sooo crowded. smelt soo bad in the crowd too buhbuhbuh. lucky jacky. found a pole that he got to climb onto. didnt c him until the end of the dance where i climbed onto the pole too but then the lions walk off elsewhere -.-"


should sleep soon for school tmr!! =]